Britney Spears Opens Up About The Day Her Dad Sat Her Down To Tell Her He Was Taking Over Her Life

Britney Spears recently regained her freedom in November 2021 when a judge deemed her conservatorship “no longer required,” putting an end to the control her father had over her finances, personal life and medical decisions. However, the pop star still feels the effects of what she’s described as her family’s abuse that occurred over the course of the 13-year conservatorship. Spears recently recalled the day her father Jamie Spears informed her that he was becoming her conservator, and the effect it had on her.

The Toxic singer has been vocal on social media about what was taken from her in the years that her dad controlled her life, reveling post-conservatorship in being able to now drive her car and own an ATM card, and even drink a glass of red wine. But it's not all joy, and in a recent Instagram post, she revealed what Jamie Spears apparently said the day he became her conservator:

I mean the first day my dad became my conservator I will never forget !!! He said sit down in that chair … we’re going to have a talk. He said ‘I’m Britney Spears and I call the shots from now on’ and ever since that day I felt a huge part of my womanhood stripped from me. I was never the same. But oh geez !!!! 13 years later and I say damn I got through it.

What an awful and terrifying feeling it must be to have someone, especially a parent, take your identity away by saying, "I'm Britney Spears." The singer said a part of her womanhood was taken from her that day, but it seems she continuously has been working to reclaim what she lost. That story accompanied a photo of her chest on Instagram with musings on breastfeeding her two sons and the strength of a mother’s body. Damn right, she got through it!

Britney Spears has not shied away from sharing the personal details of how the conservatorship affected her life. She revealed in open court back in June 2021 that because of the control her father and co-conservator had over her life that she was unable to marry boyfriend Sam Asghari and have her IUD removed to even attempt to have another baby. Her most recent post indicates that she’d take her whole career back if she’d have known what was going to happen:

If I told you when you were 17 that 9 years from now your dad is going to take over your whole career if you do this record, what the hell do you think [you] would have said? Not NO BUT HELL NO !!! Everything happens for a reason. I’m not so sure about that.

Britney Spears released her first album, Baby One More Time, when she was 17 years old, nine years before her 13-year conservatorship began. You can see her full post below:

Britney Spears has obviously been through a lot, and it’s clear that she still harbors strong emotions toward her family for their role in what happened. The Crossroads star has been involved in a public feud with Jamie Lynn Spears over the younger sister's memoir, Things I Should Have Said. In the book and during Jamie Lynn's  promotion of the book, she shared stories that Britney have said are untrue.

Accusations of lying have been lobbed back and forth between the sisters, with Britney Spears calling Jamie Lynn "a scum person" for saying that her older sister once locked her in a room while brandishing a knife. Jamie Lynn called the feud "embarrassing" and asked Britney if they could handle it privately, but the older sister recently posted (and deleted) an Instagram message apologizing for the "scum" comment but wondering why Jamie Lynn would lie to make her look bad.

It's clear that Britney Spears doesn't trust her family members after all she's been through, and until more healing can take place, it looks like social media is where the singer feels most comfortable expressing herself.

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