Even Ellen DeGeneres Couldn't Escape HBO Max's Huge Wave Of Canceled Projects

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Since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, HBO Max subscribers have seen a relatively large wave of cancellations, with a variety of TV and movie projects being axed at a neck-breaking pace. One series that was placed on the chopping block spells unfortunate news for former talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. So, which of DeGeneres’ HBO Max shows failed to escape the streamer’s continuing wave of canceled projects?

According to Deadline, the animated preschool series Little Ellen will not be returning for another season. This move from the streaming service marked Ellen DeGeneres’ second series to end in 2022, as her self-titled talk show concluded with its 19th season earlier this year. Similar to how things played out with some other HBO Max cancellations, Little Ellen had already completed production on its most recent season, but it apparently won't get a premiere through any Warner Bros. Discovery platforms. 

It was alleged that the conglomerate canceled the children’s series as part of tax write-off efforts. It was also alleged that other animated content may be in cancellation jeopardy as well, with the streamer said to be moving away from kids and family programming.

Before its cancellation, Little Ellen was preparing to premiere its third season, with Season 1 and 2 of Little Ellen having premiered in September 2021 and March 2022, respectively. (Both seasons are currently available to stream.) The newest episodes were originally set to premiere in June before it was taken off the schedule, and now we know its fate has been sealed. The preschool series followed a seven-year-old version of Ellen DeGeneres as she and her friends grow up together in New Orleans while exploring the world around them.

It is unclear whether DeGeneres' other two HBO Max projects – Ellen’s Home Design Challenge and First Dates Hotel – are safe from the ongoing series of cancellations. It wouldn’t be surprising if news about the two series was imminent, given everything else being reported on. The streamer already made headlines for canceling Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt, with both projects being in the middle of post-production. The backlash led to WBD issuing a statement about it. Canceling multiple TV and film projects (including the House Party reboot) hasn’t been the only change for the streaming platform, as some exclusive movies were removed without any announcement or fanfare. The disappearing HBO Max content may signal the start of bigger changes as it and fellow streamer Discovery+ are reportedly preparing to merge at some point.

The onslaught of cancellations and removals has sent some into a panic, with worries about shows like the planned Green Lantern series and Harley Quinn leading to fans making threats in certain cases. Even James Gunn had to step out and send a message to fans about Peacemaker Season 2 by telling them to calm down amongst the chaos. You can’t blame fans for feeling unsure as multiple projects are being cut left and right.

There is still amazing content to watch on HBO Max for the time being. You can check out the best TV shows and movies on the streamer right now. While viewers will miss Little Ellen, there are plenty of new TV shows set to premiere in 2022 with both children and adults in mind.

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