Ex Of Britney Spears' New Husband Says She 'Hit The Jackpot' With Sam Asghari -- Despite Being Warned Off Him Too

Despite the brief interruption of an ex-husband attempting to gatecrash the soiree, Britney Spears finally wed her longtime boyfriend, Sam Asghari, on June 9 at their home in Southern California. The fairytale BTS footage of the wedding was pretty spectacular, and so too was the star-studded guest list that included the likes of Paris Hilton and Madonna. Interestingly, her new husband’s ex-girlfriend had previously weighed in that the pop singer perhaps “hit the jackpot” with Asghari – even though she herself had been seemingly been warned off him at one point.

When the couple first got engaged back in September, TMZ caught up with the old flame: international model and singer Mayra Veronica. She had joked then that Sam Asghari “finally hit the jackpot” but really that Britney Spears was the one to win big because of how “charming and sweet” the 28-year-old personal trainer is. But the comment was reflective of still-ongoing fan speculation that he might just be with the Grammy winner for her money – the alleged reason why Spears wasn’t allowed to marry or have kids with him while under the conservatorship.

And since the wedding, Marya Veronica has opened up further, with TMZ reporting in the interview that her management in 2015 had been “warning her about Sam.” Nevertheless, the ex seems to hold the view that it was just a controlling situation on the business side of things, not with her ex, similar to how it is with the singer, saying:

Well, when I dated Sam I was pretty much in the same situation that Britney was in. I was being controlled by my management and what have you. He just kind of came into the picture while I was trying to separate from all that. And I think he really helped. He's very understanding; he's very supportive, so I think that's what she needed at the time.

Given that the former X Factor judge is still pursuing legal action against her father regarding her treatment under the conservatorship, Marya Veronica theorized that Britney Spears “still needs” the kind of loving support that Sam Asghari has to offer. She even claimed that they’re a “perfect match” for each other. And when it comes to being an honorable husband, well, she’s not too worried on that score, either. She shared:

I think Sam would be a fantastic husband. He's not like the cheating type or the flirting type. He's very devoted, very supportive. So, I think I only see good things for them, to be honest with you.

When pushed further on her ex-partner's perceived intentions with his new wife, Marya Veronica tentatively stated that she doesn’t think he’ll “per se, hurt her.” She elaborated that even if the two were to become separated somewhere down the line that he’d always take care of the "Circus" performer and be there for her because that’s just who he is, apparently.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are indeed hoping to solidify their union more definitely, with a baby of their own. Unfortunately, they announced in May that they suffered a miscarriage after just a few short weeks. Yet, ultimately, Asghari said that they’re still hopeful to have a baby again in the future when the time is right.

For what it’s worth, Marya Veronica thinks Sam Asghari will be a “fantastic father” when it does happen for the couple. With all these wonderful reviews, it would indeed appear that Britney Spears has found something special in Asghari.

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