Fire Country Star Posts Behind-The-Scenes Looks At That Epic Rock Wall Sequence From Latest Episode

Jake and Eve right after they got off the rock wall in Episode 6 of Fire Country.
(Image credit: CBS)

It seems like with every new episode of Fire Country the cast and crew one-up themselves with epic sequences, and this week was no exception. If you have been keeping up with the 2022 TV schedule, and saw Episode 6 of the CBS show, then you witnessed a good portion of the episode take place on a rock wall as Jake, Bode and co. worked to save a girl stuck in a valley. Turns out they really did film it on a rock wall, and one of the show’s stars Jordan Calloway, who plays Jake, posted some behind-the-scenes photos and videos showing everyone just how much went into pulling off the massive stunt.

For some context, the episode follows the crew of Cal Fire as they work to save a girl that has fallen into a valley. The only way to save her is to fly in a helicopter and lower a firefighter down to get her. However, the wind was blowing too hard, and Eve, the firefighter sent down, got stuck and they had to cut her line. So, Jake and Bode were sent down after her by belaying down the rock wall, while the rest of the crew lowered them. 

I thought the sequence looks extremely realistic, and it seemed like they went out and shot it on a real rock wall, and it turns out they did. Calloway took to Instagram following the episode to post a ton of behind-the-scenes footage about the making of the episode, check it out: 

While the photo of Max Thieriot as Bode is very cute, and the other photos and videos of various members of the Fire Country cast are fun, the part of the post that was really amazing to me was the final video. It shows Calloway, Thieriot, and Jules Latimer, who plays Eve, suspended in the air delivering their lines. 

Throughout the first five episodes, there have been some exciting sequences with big fires and massive set pieces, however, I found this search and rescue mission on the rock wall the most exciting part of the show so far. 

Despite negative feedback from the real Cal Fire, audiences are really loving Fire Country, and the show has been picked up for a whole season.  Also, spoiler alert for SEAL Team, Max Thieriot’s character was killed off SEAL Team recently so the actor could move over to working on the fire procedural, which he also co-created, full-time. So, clearly, the show is exceeding expectations, and will continue to grow, and grow, which hopefully means even more epic set pieces like the rock wall Calloway posted about. 

I absolutely love that the action keeps getting heightened with each episode of Fire Country. What makes it even better are the insider posts from the cast showing how they practically shot some of them. Hopefully, we’ll get more scenes like the rock wall moving forward with Season 1 of Fire Country, and with the trajectory of upping the ante with every episode, I’d say it’s a safe bet that will happen.

If you want to watch the epic action of Fire Country you can do so every Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, or you can stream the show with a Paramount+ subscription

Riley Utley
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