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Fired Wendy Williams Show DJ Shares Fun Reunion Pic With Host, Clearly Doesn't Want To Hear About TV Problems

Even if you’re not a long-time fan of The Wendy Williams Show, you probably know by now that the host has been the subject of a number of rumors, conflicting reports, and even had to take legal action for a number of things in recent weeks, as she faces not returning to her beloved talk show. But, with Williams’ series having been canceled back in February (to be replaced by guest host Sherri Shepherd's new show, Sherri, in the fall), Williams has now reunited with a former employee, DJ Boof, who seems to not be interested in any of her TV show troubles.

What Happened When Wendy Williams Reunited With Her Former Show DJ?

It was just over the weekend that DJ Boof, who used to ply his trade on The Wendy Williams Show before being fired right before Season 12 started up in 2020, took to his Instagram page to give us one of our only recent looks at Wendy Williams since she was forced to take a season-long break from her daytime talker amid a number of health issues. And, they seem to be getting along just fine. Take a look at the photo DJ Boof shared, and we can discuss it below!

As you can see, both Williams and Mr. Boof appear to be free of any potential awkwardness over his firing, with both of them laughing / smiling and looking to be having a grand ol’ time sitting with one another again. Which would make some sense, if one of the rumors about him being let go from the show was actually true, and he was only replaced because he and Williams had begun dating. 

At any rate, it’s nice to see Williams having fun and doing more than calmly eating a salad, as we saw her do in an Instagram post from her son in January. I can only imagine that she did regale Boof with tales of all of her recent problems that deal with her show, as that crying laughing emoji he shared in his caption seems to indicate that he probably lent Williams a very good ear for any necessary venting.

Of course, as noted above, Williams has had a disappointing time in the past several months when it comes to her talk show. Guest hosts have been filling in since the very beginning of Season 13, with Williams too sick with a number of ailments to ever appear on her own show. There have been increasingly disturbing rumors about her health and the state of her future with her namesake series, until late February when it was finally announced that her show would end with the current season.

Williams has also been embroiled in some personal legal action as she tries to recover. Early February saw her file for a temporary restraining order against her bank, to keep officials there from continuing to bar her from accessing her money and any account information, after those bank officials were told that Williams might need a guardian or conservatorship to manage her finances. 

The former media maven also recently had a cease and desist letter issued to publicist Howard Bragman. He had made comments which were supposedly on Williams’ behalf after it was announced that her show would be ending soon. But, according to the letter (which was obtained by The U.S. Sun), Bragman wasn’t authorized to speak for her, with an anonymous source also stating that Bragman had never actually been hired by Williams and had been posing as her representative to several outlets.

If anyone needed a break and some good down time with a friend right now, it’s Wendy Williams. So, it’s great that she looks to be on the mend and was able to enjoy that with DJ Boof. 

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