Flavor Flav Recalls How He Ended Up In The Middle Of Pete Davidson And Kim K’s Public Romance Whirlwind

Flavor Flav on The Wendy Williams Show
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The rumored romance between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson remains a topic of conversation among many within the public. When the two were first spotted together back in October, some weren’t sure what to think of such a pairing. It was certainly surprising, but it’s hard to deny the intrigue of seeing the reality TV star and comedian spending time together. What may have been even more shocking, though, is that their first official Instagram photo was shared by none other than Flavor Flav. This has led the rapper to provide some context on how he came to be involved with the purported couple.

The entertainer’s original social media post showed him kicking it with the two Hollywood stars, along with Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch Kris Jenner. His caption confirmed that the group was celebrating the Saturday Night Live star’s birthday, and the evening seems to have turned out well. While speaking with ET, the musician, whose birth name is William Drayton Jr., referred to his host’s as family and confirmed that Kardashian invited him for a special reason: 

When it comes down to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, first of all, to me, that is family, you know what I'm saying. And the whole night I was so honored to be in their presence. One thing that I could say is Pete Davidson loves himself some Flavor Flav. Everything he does is, 'Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that, Flavor Flav this, Flavor Flav that.' So Kim said, 'OK, well, for your birthday, you are going to have Flavor Flav.' She sent for me and that's how I ended up there.

The King of Staten Island star was definitely all smiles in the initial Instagram photos, one of which featured only him and Flavor Flav. Some may remember that the 28-year-old was also sporting a clock, which has been a signature accessory of his idol for years. Flav went on to reveal the sweet moment in which the actor received the bling:

I was the birthday gift. And check this out, being that that man had so much love for me, I did something for the first time ever in my life. I took my clock from around my neck and I gave it to him, and I never gave a clock to nobody.

It’s fair to say that this stands alongside some of the most memorable moments that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have shared. On the surface, Kardashian’s willingness to go the extra mile for Davidson’s birthday would seem to add fuel to the rumors that he is indeed her man. During his interview, Flavor Flav was asked to give his own impression of what’s going on between the two of them. With this, the Flavor of Love star shared some honest thoughts:

When it comes down to Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian's relationship, only them two know it best. They just invited me into the circle, but I really don't know the full [story]. And plus besides, that's Kim and Pete, man. I would rather them tell about their situation than me. But I'm grateful to them that they gave me the opportunity to be the first to publicize the picture with both of them together.

One would think that, in time, the two celebrities will clarify the exact nature of their relationship. Until then, inquiring minds will just have to settle for news of alleged New York rendezvous between them and photos of the two with tourists. And there may even be some potential trolling from the SNL funnyman.

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