How Pete Davidson Trolled Fans Over Kim Kardashian Dating Rumors

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
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Pete Davidson has found himself in the spotlight more than a few times over the course of his career, especially as it pertains to his romantic relationships. The comedian has been linked to plenty of major stars in his time, but I’m not sure most people could’ve predicted that Kim Kardashian would be one of them. Reports indicate that the two have been casually seeing each other as of late, and neither star is willing to confirm or deny it. Though that hasn’t stopped Davidson from having some fun with fans, as he recently trolled them over the growing rumors. 

Given the Suicide Squad’s playful personality, it should come as no suprise that he was eager to toy with the public’s emotions a bit. The Saturday Night Live cast member recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, during which Meyers asked the star to confirm if something was “real or rumor.” With this, the actor provided the perfect response: 

Yeah, I've been wanting to talk about this because there's a lot of people I walk by, people are whispering and making eyes at me. But it is true, I do have a show on Tubi coming out. The Tubi. A lot of people are shocked that I could get on a show like Tubi, but it's a real thing.

Sorry guys, but you’re not going to get any answers out of the funnyman this time around. On the bright side, if you didn’t know it already, his animated series, The Freak Brothers, is indeed headed to Tubi. I mean, that’s great news too, right? Well, regardless of how you feel, you can check out the full interview down below: 

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were first spotted holding hands at an amusement park over Halloween weekend alongside Hollywood couple Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker, who is a friend of Davidson’s. After they were seen, sources indicate that the two were simply friends and that there was nothing going on. But since then, the two seem to be spending much more time together. Just last week, the press got snapshots of them reuniting for another hangout in New York

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star hosted SNL just a few weeks ago, which marked her first appearance on the comedy staple. Reports suggest that the King of Staten Island star was very instrumental in helping her get acclimated to everything. More recently, sources allege that the reality star’s friends encouraged her to “go for it” with the actor. However, it’s also been said that her inner circle doesn’t want her to “get too carried away or ahead of herself” when it comes to the rumored fling. 

Many of these reported concerns seem to stem from the star’s former romantic relationship with soon-to-be-ex-husband Kanye West. She and the polarizing music mogul have been in the midst of a divorce since February of this year. And though a reconciliation of some kind appears to be out of reach, West still seems to want his wife back. Even though it sounds like he’s found a new love.

What the rapper’s recent thoughts mean for the future are unclear but, right now, it definitely appears Kim Kardashian is, at the very least, just enjoying Pete Davidson’s presence. It’s hard to say whether or not the two are indeed dating and will confirm such a thing should it be true. But as long as people keep talking, I’d wager that Davidson will continue to keep the public guessing.

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