No Big Deal, Just Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Taking Selfies With A Tourist

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
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Since the end of October, many within the general public have been intrigued by the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. It was initially reported that the two were merely friends, but recent developments would now have one believe the two are indeed together. As you would expect, the two stars have remained mum on the specifics regarding the nature of their bond. Yet it’s still hard to deny the fact that they’ve been spending time together in some interesting ways as of late. And apparently, this includes taking selfies with a tourist.

The traveler in question, a Dutch a music editor and reporter named Paul Barewijk, was visiting Beverly Hills over the Thanksgiving holiday when he ran into the famous pair. It doesn’t look like Barewijk actually got to take a photo with the couple together, but the journalist seemed more than pumped to be getting any kind of snapshots with the celebrities. You can check out the Instagram post, complete with the sweet selfies, down below:

You honestly never know who you’re going to run into when you visit California. Though I’d say that since there are four Kardashian siblings (who have two Jenner sisters), the odds of running into a member of the reality TV family are pretty solid. After the celebrity encounter, Paul Barewijk revealed to ET Online just how things went down:

I walked towards Kim and Pete at The Beverly Hills Hotel and stopped my call with my mom because this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Then I took my phone with the picture of me in front of the Skims pop up, and said, 'Sorry for bothering you guys, but Kim, I just went to your pop up and now you're here!' And then I asked for a photo.

This may sound pretty easy but, for many people, walking up to a star can be intimidating. It can yield results, though, as the Dutch tourist got what he wanted. During the same interview, he also shared thoughts on whether the two may actually be an item:

Kim and Pete seemed very happy. She looked stunning and absolutely fabulous with just basic makeup on. Pete was relaxed. They absolutely seemed like they are dating. They were sitting close to each other and looked happy and like they were in a good place.

Although Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were initially seen spending time in New York, Davidson’s stomping grounds, it would seem they’ve switched coasts as of late. There’s also been other evidence to suggest they’re currently spending time together in California. Their first official, public photo together (thanks to Flavor Flav) showed the two in what appeared to be Kris Jenner’s Palm Springs home. So regardless of whether they’re actually a couple, the two are certainly expanding on the close relationship they allegedly had while Kardashian was serving as a guest host on Saturday Night Live

Fans will just have to wait and see if or when the pair decides to flat-out confirm their relationship. Until then, they’ll just have to settle for rumors, trolling and nice tidbits like Paul Barewijk’s post.

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