Following Carmen Electra, Another Baywatch Star Reveals Her OnlyFans In Viral Bikini Post

Donna D’Errico went viral last month after sharing an itsy, bitsy, teenie weenie Fourth of July bikini post with her fanbase. Plenty of people thought she looked fab, but a faction of people gave the model, 54, flack for wearing so little material at her age. D'Errico responded by posing in another bikini on a coffee table, and the rest is history. Or herstory, really. Now, the former Baywatch star wants people to know about her OnlyFans and she celebrated with a new bikini post just a few months after her former co-star Carmen Electra made a similar announcement

Donna D’Errico famously wore the red Baywatch one piece on TV; however, in her personal life, she really seems to enjoy a two-piece look. In her latest post on Instagram Stories, the former blonde bombshell announced that she’d created a page on the subscriber platform OnlyFans, but you’d be forgiven for not noticing this because the post is prominently her brushing her teeth in a bikini. 

Donna D'Errico announces her OnlyFans to fans.

(Image credit: Donna D'Errico Instagram)

OnlyFans initially made a name for itself for its nude online content generated by users on the platform. However, plenty of celebrities have joined in order to share lifestyle posts and more. Brushing your teeth in a bikini to celebrate your OnlyFans might seem a little odd, but we already know there’s weirder stuff going on everyday. There’s a 90 Day Fiancé star who went viral for selling fart jars and who explained people routinely ask her to do odd stuff on OnlyFans, including making videos where she “squishes” her face, for just one example.

As noted prior, D’Errico is not the only Baywatch star on OnlyFans. Carmen Electra, who also hit her fifties this year, revealed she’d joined the platform just a short time ago. Electra’s called OnlyFans a “safe place where you can be your own creator’ and has also said she enjoys the fans getting to follow her on whatever journeys she chooses to go on.

For her part, the actress has posted previously on OnlyFans during the spring, but it looks as if she’s ramping up efforts after her more recent story went viral online. The star’s page on the platform is subscriber based and would cost Baywatch fans $14.99 a month.

Previously, at the time that Donna D’Errico got called out for wearing a bikini at 54, the actress said people were upset because she was “too old for it.” After the incident, though, D’Errico said that many of her fans rallied around her on the Internet. She also shared a makeup free post, noting that while not flawless, things were going pretty well in her life. 

Thanks for all the comments on my other post. I read them all 🙌 In no way am I anywhere near perfect but I’m feeling pretty damn good.

Now, it seems you can follow her on that journey.

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