Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico Thanks The Fans For Support In New Bikini Post After Naysayers Said She Was ‘Too Old’

Former Baywatch star Donna D’Errico has been rocking swimwear for decades now, but she made waves last month for appearing in a red, white. and blue bikini to celebrate the Fourth of July. While the actress has rocked swimwear plenty in the past, this time around some people who caught D’Errrico’s post felt the 54-year-old star was “too old” to rock the look. She responded by sharing another bikini post, and now she’s thrown out a third thanking the fans who reached out to support her. 

Not only did Donna D’Errico double down a few days ago, she tripled down in a new post. This one’s a video to boot. In it, the actress and model rocks a hot pink suit with cute trim. She also seems to be going makeup free and totally natural in the post, and she remarked on that in her comments, as well. 

This marks the second time that D’Errico has shared a new bikini post since backlash came over the bikini she wore on the Fourth of July. The last time she shared a bikini post, she really worked a look on a coffee table. This time around she tried a different tact, speaking to the fans who reached out in support after she was told she was "too old" for barely there swimwear. 

She shared with her fans: “In no way am I anywhere near perfect but I’m feeling pretty damn good.” She also spoke of taking a break from social media for a few days so she could travel across the country and sort of reset. 

Of course, this isn't the first time a bikini post has caused a stir online; however, it is an interesting case because commenters focused on the actress' age. The original Reels post can be seen below and is actually a similar bikini style to the one she shared this week, though more patriotic, of course. 

While the Baywatch and Baywatch Nights star was wearing makeup and looking glam in her previous posts, this time she wanted her fans to see the real, unfiltered look at what 54 looks like. The former blonde explained: 

And for anyone wondering, no there are NO filters on this video. I took it with my regular iPhone video camera propped on a patio table and I’m standing in beautiful sunlight. That’s self tanner you’re seeing, I’m not wearing makeup, and hadn’t washed my hair in two days because I’d been traveling on the road.

Of course, Donna D’Errico has been known for rocking swimwear for most of her career. She’s most famous for wearing the infamous red swimsuit on Baywatch, where she played Donna Marco, but she and co-stars like Carmen Electra have continued rocking bikini looks in the time since. Yet, she’s also not the only woman of a certain age to earn backlash for fashion choices, as fellow model Paulina Porizkova also touched on commenters telling her she's "too old" to rock a bikini just a few months ago.  

The internet can sometimes be a place without nuance, but I think that Donna D’Errico actually put it best on another Instagram post a few days ago, noting: 

Enjoy all the beautiful moments, and take the bad moments too. They help you appreciate the good ones more. It all goes by real quick.

It sounds like the star is definitely not letting the haters keep her down. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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