90 Day Fiancé Star Who Sold Her Farts Talks Other Weird Things Subscribers Ask Her To Do On OnlyFans

Stephanie Matto on 90 Day: The Single Life
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90 Day Fiancé stars typically gain mainstream attention for their actions on the show, though there are some outliers. Stephanie Matto recently made headlines for selling jarred farts to subscribers on OnlyFans and other services -- and she made a lot of money in the process. She’s since retired from the endeavor, but how exactly does someone get that idea? And with that, what other things might one be willing to do to appease their subscribers?

Stephanie Matto recently spoke to Rolling Stone about her moneymaking side business and how she netted $200,000 in sales for fart jars, before retiring due to a false heart attack that was actually a fart attack. Matto, who has since pivoted to NFTs, talked about how the idea of trapping her farts in jars and selling them for a profit first came to be:

For years now, I’ve been getting a lot of requests from guys saying that they just want to inhale my farts. And I always thought it was kind of a joke. I never took it seriously. I thought they were just blowing smoke up my ass. So I’d laugh it off and just let it go. But one day, I was thinking of different ways of making money and boosting my income with my platform, and I decided to try to actually sell fart jars as a joke. But then they actually started selling. So it kind of snowballed from that point forward. I mean, it’s just one of many weird requests I’ve gotten. I get weird-ass requests on a daily basis on my platform.

She isn’t the first person from 90 Day Fiancé to get on Onlyfans, as others cast members also utilize the service as a means to supplement their income. Deavan Clegg (who recently blasted the franchise for keeping controversial cast members on payroll) and even Elizabeth Castravet are just a couple of the cast members to have pages on the site. However, the content varies and may not be as extreme as Stephanie's. 

Speaking of content that Stephanie Matto offers on her page, the 90 Day: The Single Life star revealed fart jars aren’t the only thing she’s done for fans. As an example of something else that’s a little off-beat, she talked about fans who've also requested things that aren’t necessarily related to performing sexual acts:

There’s one guy who routinely pays me to make videos of me squishing my face. So there’s that. There’s one guy who has a uvula fetish, the little dangling thing in your throat. He pays me for pictures of my uvula. People have asked me for panties, bras or lingerie, toenail clippings, all sorts of things like that. But farts are a big fetish online — there’s sites that are dedicated to that specifically. So I always knew it was a thing. I just couldn’t believe that people actually wanted to smell my farts.

Stephanie Matto certainly isn’t shy about discussing some of the things she’s done for fans. Of course, I guess when someone's making as much money as she has, what’s there to be ashamed of? 

90 Day: The Single Life is available to stream on Discovery+. It’s one of the few 90 Day Fiancé spinoffs exclusive to the streaming service and is certainly worth checking out for any hardcore fans of the TLC franchise.

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