Full House’s Candace Cameron Bure And More Share Props They Took From The Set, And I’m Most Jealous Of Dave Coulier

D.J., Kimmy and Stephanie drinking wine in the kitchen in Fuller House
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Few sitcom settings can instantly pop into TV audiences’ brains quite like the Tanner family’s abode in Full House, helped along by the fact that it was literally recreated for Fuller House 20 years later. I’d be surprised to meet a fan of the TGIF hit that hasn’t imagined having something from that set within their own homes, which means there are no doubt plenty of people out there who would be way jealous of stars Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, Dave Coulier and Andrea Barber for all of the props they’ve openly admitted to bringing home from their time on both shows. 

While reuniting for Full House’s audience-pleasing panel at ‘90s Con in Hartford, CT — the first of two ‘90s-focused events set for 2023 — the aforementioned quartet of stars reflected on their lives before, during and after the beloved sitcom’s ABC run. Early on in the panel, after Dave Coulier attempted to explain why farts are funny, the actors were asked about any memorable set items they took possession of once filming was completed. John Stamos was mentioned for having taken the living room couch, with Candace Cameron Bure bringing up her attempt to nab it from him. And then Coulier went and shared the best example possible (arguably), saying:

I got the woodchuck.

This pulled a noteworthy cheer from the crowd, as it should be. It’s possible that the good vibes from the crowd are why he didn’t share anything further about Mr. Woodchuck’s current state. I’d admittedly forgotten in the moment that Coulier previously offered fans a less-than-celebratory update on the marionette puppet’s fate in the time after Full House, sharing on Reddit that he’d kept the original prop, and then his Labrador Ranger ate Mr. Woodchuck’s face. Sigh. 

Joey and Mr. Woodchuck in Fuller House

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From there, Jodie Sweetin brought up a couple of the recognizable mementos that she liberated from the Full House set, so to speak, saying:

I have...does anyone remember that weird little sea-pappy statue by the stairs? Right? That weird thing. I got its head sitting on my bookshelf. [answering Candace Cameron Bure] I have Mr. Bear. The O.G. Mr. Bear.

Okay, so having O.G. Mr. Bear is like, right behind having Mr. Woodchuck as a set prop, and I’m sure there are plenty of people who…would… prefer the teddy over the puppet. But I think we can all agree that Full House should have merchandised the hell out of both of those. Not to mention the sea-pappy statue. If Funko released a Pop version of just the sea-pappy’s head, I’d be all over that. 

Andrea Barber, who later brought up just how much she did not like Kimmy Gibbler’s outfits as a teenager going through emotions, shared this:

Well, I kept all my Kimmy accessories, which I brought with me here tonight. And then I got a cookie jar that looks like the Full House house from the kitchen set.

This might just be memory bias, but it seems like Barber would have roughly 200,000 hoop earrings, giant pink scuncis, jangly bracelets and more. Kimmy Gibbler knew how to pull a fashion ensemble together. Or she knew how to pull it completely apart. One of those. 

Finally, Candace Cameron Bure shared that she does indeed still have one of D.J. Tanner’s most memorable props, and shared that she also took a few family-specific things from the Fuller House set as well. In her words:

I still have my Pillow Person. I took the mugs that we always drink from it in Fuller House. They just had our initials on them.

Anyone who started watching Full House at any point after the 1990s might not have any clue that the Pillow People were a huge toy line that existed outside the TGIF sitcom, though the popularity was relatively short-lived and largely limited to the late 1980s. The particular Pillow Person that D.J. favored was named Window Rattler.

D.J. holding her pillow person in Full House

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For those who think it’d be amazing to live in the home whose exterior is used sparingly to represent the Tanner’s home, there’s proof to the contrary, with overeager and photo-happy fans making life difficult for those who have lived there. Hopefully events like ‘90s Con can help give fans like that someone more appropriate to show off their Full House adoration. 

When you’re not rewatching Full House episodes with an HBO Max subscription or on Fuller House with a Netflix subscription, keep an eye out for updates on the next ‘90s Con

And, of course, another round of R.I.P.s to Mr. Woodchuck’s face. 

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