Full House's Dave Coulier Shares Bob Saget's A+ 'Cut It Out' Joke That Can Never Be Topped

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Of all the reasons why sitcoms from the TGIF era are worth celebrating, catchphrases tend to be pretty high on the list for fans, and Full House was like a factory in that sense, with nearly every character earning at least one familiar phrasing that has lived on throughout the years. From Uncle Jesse’s “Have mercy” to Michelle’s “You got it, dude” to D.J.’s “Oh Mylanta,” there are plenty of worthy examples to choose from, and you can be sure that the ensemble cast has heard those quotes shouted at them by viewers a time or two (million). But I think we can all agree that Bob Saget landed the most perfect use of Dave Coulier and Joey Gladstone’s signature line, “Cut it out.”

Beyond catchphrases, Full House was obviously also well-known for having tons of character-specific props, costumes and more callback-friendly elements that gave Fuller House an added layer of nostalgia-embracing fun. During the TGIF hit’s panel for ‘90s Con — featuring Coulier, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber, and Candace Cameron Bure — the cast members were asked about instances where they’ve potentially used their characters’ famed catchphrases in real life. And after Jodie Sweetin offered up her answer (as seen below), Dave Coulier shared this fried gold memory about Bob Saget’s ability to spin referential hilarity out of making his co-star and BFF slightly miserable. In his words: 

I'll tell you a funny story that Bob did one time. We used to have a gum wall, we used to call it, on the show. If we were chewing gum right before the scene, we'd take our gum out and we'd put it up on the wall. So everybody did that; it became normal, right? So Bob's chewing gum one time, and we're ready to go into a scene, and he took his gum and he acted like he was gonna throw it into my hair, and it really went into my hair. And he thought that was the funniest thing. I'm like, 'What's wrong with you?' And he goes, 'I guess we're gonna have to Cut It Out.'

That story easily earned one of the biggest laughs of any panel at '90s Con, and was also one of the most perfect stories to offer for that particular question. Bob Saget's comedy skills are clearly as timeless as they come, even if they sometimes involve getting his saliva-covered gum stuck in another person's hair. No one ever said making people laugh doesn't require sacrifices. Also, it seems like there was always some peanut butter handy inside the Tanners' kitchen to use in a quick pinch. Not sure how old that peanut butter would have been, but I already mentioned sacrifices. 

As many fans already know, the phrase and accompanying hand motions for "Cut it out" didn't originate with Full House, but rather Dave Coulier's prior Nickelodeon series Out of Control. I can only hope that if '80s Con ever comes to be, that we'll get an Out of Control panel that can dive into such facts in a decade-proper fashion.

As far as Jodie Sweetin's answer went on that particular matter, she of course talked about Stephanie Tanner's key catchphrase "How rude," and how she's come to embrace it in full. In her words:

No, I mean, I don't use it all too often in my daily life, but there have been a couple of times where I have... You know, it fits. But most of the time, I've just resigned myself to the fact that it's gonna be on on my urn. You know what I mean? 'How Rude." That phrase will follow me forever and ever and ever, and that's it. And I'm okay with that.

Fan who want to peep out all the Full House catchphrases with a big rewatching sesh need only secure an HBO Max subscription, and such quotas can be fulfilled. 

During the panel, the cast also talked about the iconic Full House props that they took home from the set, while also sharing other stories about Bob Saget and their shared memories from the set.

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