Gwen Stefani Returning To The Voice For First Time Since Marrying Blake Shelton, Shares Sweet Comment About Why She's Already 'Won'

gwen stefani and blake shelton on season 22 of the voice
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The upcoming season of singing competition show The Voice is seeing some changes. On top of Camila Cabello joining the coaches, Gwen Stefani is returning to the NBC series. She previously opened up about how different coaching The Voice is after marrying fellow coach Blake Shelton, but now she’s saying that she’s already won by marrying the country crooner over a year ago. 

While Blake Shelton recently and hilariously admitted that he loves that his wife is back on The Voice due to her not being competitive, Gwen Stefani has a more loving approach to the series. While discussing the upcoming season with PEOPLE, Stefani opened up about what it’s been like working with her husband and how she’s already won, and the comment is as sweet as can be:

Because it is different. He's my husband. That's crazy. I already won. I already won. I can't win again, right?

Their relationship is definitely sweet, and although it might have been hard to compete against each other now that they’re married, it sounds like Gwen Stefani doesn’t care so much if she loses because, in her book, she’s already a winner. Stefani’s return to The Voice was announced in a very cute TikTok with her and Blake Shelton, and all of this is making me even more excited for her return. 

Stefani and Shelton tied the knot in the summer of 2021, and the pictures were stunning. Now that the coaches are married, it should be interesting to see how they interact on The Voice. Even prior to getting married, Kelly Clarkson sort of enlisted Stefani’s help during Blind Auditions, though it didn’t exactly work in Clarkson’s favor.

Even though Shelton and Stefani are married, fans should still expect the country singer to fully lean into his competitiveness on The Voice. It wouldn’t be surprising if he were to troll Stefani less in order to stay on her good side; he has already started trolling new coach Camila Cabello. Though with the Cinderella star having experience with a singing competition, it’s possible she’ll be able to navigate it gracefully.

Ahead of The Voice Season 22, Shelton revealed how Stefani was putting him to work around the house in order to keep occupied. Now, Shelton is as ready as ever to really have his work cut out for him and make sure to come out on top. 

Meanwhile, with Gwen Stefani and Camila Cabello both in the red chairs this season, what does that mean for Kelly Clarkson? The American Idol winner is taking a step back for Season 22, but plans for Season 23 may work for Clarkson. That's still a bit of ways away, so fans will just have to look forward to Blake Shelton and Stefani battling it out, marriage style, on The Voice.

The Voice premieres on Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to.

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