Heidi Klum Looked Great In Her Viral Worm Halloween Costume, But Inside She Says It Was A Real Nightmare

Heidi Klum on America's Got Talent.
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It’s not surprising to see celebrities go all out for Halloween. They’re accustomed to hair, makeup and wardrobe as part of their daily lives, so they really have to up the ante to make a statement for the holiday. While this year saw some paying homage to classic characters (like Kim Kardashian channeling Mystique from X-Men) and others stirring up controversy (e.g. Megan Fox and MGK’s priest getup), supermodel Heidi Klum went in a completely different direction, as she transformed into a giant worm. She definitely achieved the “wow” factor she was going for, but the moment didn’t come without its struggles, as Klum explained what it was like to be inside that costume.

The America’s Got Talent judge made a splash when she appeared on the red carpet of her Halloween party as a worm on the hook of a fishing pole, which was held by her husband Tom Kaulitz (dressed, naturally, as a fisherman). But it sounds like Heidi Klum experienced an actual nightmare inside the suit, as she later explained to ET what it was like to wear the costume. She said:  

It was strange to be in there, I have to say, because no one can really hear you. You can't really hear anyone because it's like this. Everything is muffled at all times. So it's all tight in there and it's boiling hot in there. Like, literally it's like a shower. It's dripping, dripping, dripping and yeah, you can't do anything. You can't scratch, you can't point.

The model covered her ears as she explained not being able to communicate well with anyone from inside the worm. It’s clear from the description that this costume was not meant for anyone with claustrophobic tendencies. In fact, she had so little mobility, she was actually worried she might suffocate as she wriggled on the ground. Heidi Klum continued:

I had to roll everywhere. I just said to my husband, 'Please don't leave me flat on my face and suffocate' because I was worried that I was gonna, at some point, not have any gas left. I was worried to be, like, stuck like this and not be able to breathe and they forget about me. Crazy things go through your head.

It seems unlikely that anyone, particularly her husband, would forget about the human-sized worm lying on the ground, but as Heidi Klum said, there’s no place for logic when those fears start to set in.

At least she was able to achieve her goal, which she said was to amuse her fellow America’s Got Talent judges. Howie Mandel may have gotten a laugh from the costume, but he admitted to ET that he really thought “it was scary.” I can’t say I disagree. Check out one of the videos Heidi Klum shared on Instagram

With Halloween and the epic worm costume now behind us, Heidi Klum can move forward with helping to pick the America’s Got Talent winners. After a close vote saw the dance group Mayyas win Season 17, the competition is set to return in 2023. In the meantime, check out our 2022 TV schedule to see what premieres are coming soon. 

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