Kim Kardashian Made Two Big Blunders With Viral Halloween Look As X-Men's Mystique

The Kardashian-Jenners are known for taking their holidays seriously, and Halloween is no different. But even as the members of the reality TV family pull out all the stops for their jaw-dropping costumes, that doesn’t mean they’re immune from making mistakes, and Kim Kardashian proved that exact point as she showed off her amazing transformation. The SKIMS boss knocked it out of the park when she dressed up as Mystique from X-Men, but her mutation into the blue shapeshifter was not without its hiccups.

Kim Kardashian perfectly channeled Rebecca Romijn from the 2000 superhero movie, with her skin tight blue latex bodysuit, matching blue face paint and prosthetics, and slicked back red hair. The reality star showed off her look on Instagram before heading out to Tracee Ellis Ross' birthday dinner: 

We can all agree she looks amazing, right? One problem though. The black-ish actress’ birthday wasn’t a costume party! Kim Kardashian shared her faux pas on social media, posting (via E! News):  

That time I showed to a birthday dinner in full costume when it wasn't a costume party! Happy Birthday to the most beautiful kind soul @traceeellisross.

She definitely makes it sound like this was an accident, even though Kim Kardashian hit up Karrueche and Lenny S.’s Halloween Party at TAO later that night. Regardless, showing up to a regular party in full costume is a literal nightmare to me — far more terrifying than any of the demons, ghouls or other haunts that are supposed to be scary on All Hallows' Eve. I’m sure Kardashian was able to handle it like a champ; she doesn’t mind being the center of attention, but I’d probably be looking for the nearest dark hole to throw myself into.

To add to it, that presumed birthday party blunder wasn’t even the reality TV star's only flub that night in regards to the costume. When she posted the video to Instagram, showing off her metamorphosis, she errantly used the theme music from The Avengers, rather than X-Men. This was a big no-no for Marvel fans, and you just know social media users had opinions about that:  

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She soon replaced the video with one using the correct theme, but the damage was done. One Twitter user pointed out that Kim Kardashian’s mistake just proved that fandom is not the primary motivation for great Halloween costumes

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So that part of Kim Kardashian’s Halloween didn’t go off quite as seamlessly as she might have hoped, but she still did Mystique proud and undoubtedly had a fantastic time as the blue mutant. You can see more of what she and her famous family members are up to, as new episodes of The Kardashians stream each Thursday for those with a Hulu subscription.

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