How 9-1-1 Will Reveal What’s Next For Eddie After Quitting The 118

Fox's first responder series 9-1-1 is finally returning in late March after being on hiatus since December. The series will pick up following the shocking cliffhanger in the winter finale, in which Eddie revealed to his friends and coworkers that he’s leaving the 118 in order to focus on his mental health and be there more for his son, Christopher. When Season 5 comes back, Eddie will have definitely moved on from the 118, but what exactly will be next for the former army medic?

When 9-1-1 returns in March, there will be a bit of a time jump, according to TVLine, allowing viewers to find out what Eddie has been up to since leaving the firehouse, but without necessarily having to watch him put those wheels in motion. It’s not known just how big of a time jump it is, but it seems like just enough time will pass that Eddie has secured a new job. The official synopsis for the new episodes says that he has trouble adjusting to his new position, so we probably won’t find out what that is until the episode debuts. 

As for what Eddie’s new job could be, the possibilities are endless. Some fans are speculating that he could become a 9-1-1 dispatcher, which would allow him to still help people but not necessarily put his life in danger (unless the Call Center is taken hostage again). Perhaps it has something specifically to do with Christopher, so he could indeed spend more time with him. Or it could be something completely new and unpredictable. Whatever it is, it seems like he won’t be having an easy time transitioning, especially after what he's gone through on the job, and it’s likely going to be a big part of the remaining eight episodes of the season.

For the rest of the 118, as they say goodbye to one firefighter, they will be (sort of) welcoming another one. It was recently announced that John Tucker Must Die star Arielle Kebbel will be joining 9-1-1 in a recurring role. She’s set to portray Lucy Donato, a daredevil firefighter for the rival 147 firehouse who is said to be, basically, the female counterpart to Buck. While Lucy won’t technically replace Eddie, since she’s from a different firehouse, it will definitely be interesting to see what happens when she interacts with the 118. 

Seeing what Eddie’s new job is and how he stays connected with the 118 will be something to look forward to. Whether or not he’ll stick with the job or come back to the firehouse is unknown, but it probably all depends on how well he makes the transition. There are only eight episodes left of Season 5, so fans are going to be handed a lot in the remainder of the season, most likely. Rest assured, Ryan Guzman will not be the latest cast member to leave the series.

There is no word yet on a sixth season, but with how well 9-1-1 did in the fall for the first part of Season 5, I would be surprised if Fox held off on renewing. Because whatever Eddie’s new job is, eight episodes is not enough for that storyline. What do you think Eddie’s new job will be? 

9-1-1 returns on Monday, March 21 at 8 p.m. EST on Fox! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring TV schedule to see what else to look out for.

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