How Denise Richards Allegedly Feels About Being Mentioned On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Following Her Exit

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She only had a two-season stint on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Denise Richards certainly gave viewers a different perspective of herself in that time. The Bold and The Beautiful alum talked about her sex life (a lot, like excessively) and second husband Aaron Phypers, a sound and light therapist, who supposedly has miraculous healing abilities. However, Richards ultimately decided to leave the show last year after Brandi Glanville's hookup allegations seemingly went too far. And the actress apparently feels some type of way about still being mentioned on the show by the remaining cast.

Her name has in fact been brought up several times on the show in Season 11. Her former co-star, Garcelle Beauvais, has been pushing Lisa Rinna, who went in on the Brandi Glanville rumors, to make amends with Denise Richards. Rinna said that it would take time but, at the reunion, she was upset that Beauvais had later suggested she should be replaced by Richards in the next season. A source for Us Weekly claims that Richards is fed up with the situation altogether, saying:

Denise isn’t thrilled about her name being brought up during the reunion or even this season. She believes producers provoked the conversation between Garcelle [Beauvais] and [Lisa] Rinna just to give them something drama-filled to talk about.

It is rather odd that Garcelle Beauvais keeps bringing her up when she's no longer part of the show. Even odder, though, is how erratic the actual conversation transpired between Beauvais and Lisa Rinna at the reunion. First, it was about the Spider-Man: Homecoming alum not feeling comfortable in the group and, soon, it was about Beauvais throwing “passive provocative” shade (whatever that actually means). This was followed closely by Beauvais’ whammy revelation that she was told by someone else that Rinna previously said she didn't like how Beauvais brought up race on the show.

Surprisingly enough, Lisa Rinna ended up laughing and hugging Garcelle Beauvais whilst sitting in her lap when everything was said and done. So there's hope for them yet on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but apparently not where Denise Richards is concerned. The source stated:

[Denise] once joked [on the Real Housewives], ‘Do I get paid for every time my name comes up?’ and she meant it. She thinks she should get paid if she’s going to be mentioned.

The only real chance of that happening is if Denise Richards actually gets back on the payroll as a main cast member. She’s all but said that's a possibility but, considering how Richards famously tried to stop Bravo filming around those cheating allegations last season, it doesn’t seem like she can really hang. That kind of drama is practically a standard requirement for being on The Real Housewives.

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