How Flip Or Flop Ended After 10 Seasons With A Disappointing Finale For Christina Hall And Tarek El Moussa

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Flip Or Flop: The Final Flip. Read at your own risk!

Flip Or Flop: The Final Flip served as the series finale following ten seasons of Flip Or Flop and was advertised to be the final house flipping that exes Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall will do together. As a finale, fans might’ve expected a celebration of the series and the time they shared together. Unfortunately, the end result was a little disappointing, and maybe showed it was best the show ended when it did

The duo’s final project was a duplex, which the couple attempted to flip for what would be their biggest profit yet. Let’s dive in, and break down why this series finale wasn’t too reminiscent of the previous seasons. 

The Episode Itself Just Felt Like A Standard Episode

One might’ve expected there’d be a bit of fanfare or reminiscing since it’s the final episode of Flip Or Flop. While The Final Flip threw in a few throwback clips, there wasn’t much that distinguished this from any other episode of Flip Or Flop. It’s possible neither Tarek El Moussa nor Christina Hall wanted to focus much on the past given their relationship issues and past tensions on the set, but even so, an hour didn’t feel like enough time to say goodbye. 

Notable Past Collaborators Were Missing 

A good series finale sometimes brings back as many cast members as possible, and Flip Or Flop viewers noticed a couple of familiar faces missing from The Final Flip. Some expressed disappointment that Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall went with a new unknown contractor, rather than past contractors they frequently worked with like Izzy Battres or Jeff Lawrence. It would’ve been nice to see either appear for the final episode, and or at least an update for fans curious as to what they were up to. 

Christina Didn't Even Attend The Filming Of The Final Walkthrough

Perhaps the most upsetting part of Flip Or Flop: The Final Flip was that Christina Hall wasn’t even present at the final walkthrough of the home. Tarek El Moussa FaceTimed her, and viewers were treated to a walkthrough of him marching through the house with the camera to his face while they talked about the final result. 

And for all the talk of this project being the biggest flip they would’ve pulled off, the special ended without any confirmation they successfully flipped the house to a buyer. Don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t entirely uncommon for Flip or Flop or other home renovation shows to do, but given this was the final episode and the hype behind it, I would’ve liked to know. 

Overall it left me with the idea it was best both Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa moved on to other projects, and proceeded with their cordial relationship and co-parenting their children. It's not like we'll never see them in the spotlight again, and it definitely sounds best for them to pursue separate ventures rather than keep the show going. 

Speaking of other ventures, a quick look at our 2022 TV schedule will reveal that Season 4 of Christina On The Coast kicks off on HGTV at 8:00 p.m. ET. The weeks may be winding down before 2023, but there’s still plenty of good television to enjoy!

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