With Flip Or Flop Final Episode On The Way, Christina Hall Thanks Fans And Remembers Her HGTV 'Journey'

HGTV is home to a number of beloved shows that focus on real estate or those who renovate houses, but it was still a big blow to fans earlier this year when it was announced that long-time favorite, Flip or Flop, was nearing its last episode after 10 successful seasons. Viewers who love the former hosts of that show, Christina Hall and Tarek El Moussa, have had to make do with the other shows they host separately since mid-March, but now fans have been granted a surprise in the form of one last episode being on the way. In celebration, the Christina on the Coast host thanked fans and reminisced about her “journey” to TV stardom.

What Did Flip Or Flop’s Christina Hall Say To Fans After Final Episode Announcement?

Many fans were likely shocked by the reveal that one of HGTV’s most popular shows was coming back, in the form of Flip or Flop: The Final Flip airing on December 1 at 8 p.m. EST. The end of the show seemed to come about rather suddenly, despite the fact that there had been behind the scenes tensions between the divorced couple for several months, and filming of the series reportedly being “too intimate” for both of them. After word came out about the surprise episode, the soon-to-be host of Christina in the Country took to Instagram to talk directly to her fans:

We started Flip or Flop in 2011 and the entire experience changed my life in many unexpected ways. TV was never a part of my plan. Neither Tarek nor I had any background in television, entertainment or design. Self taught in all ways. Proof that if you set your mind to something, work hard and push yourself you can truly achieve anything. I am grateful we had such an amazing team on this journey who always made filming fun and exciting…Thank you to each and every one of you who watched us throughout the years, I am very grateful and look forward to creating more TV magic.

Other hosts on the network, like Erin and Ben Napier of Home Town, have talked about what it was like to be plucked from their normal lives and turned into television stars, just because they had a facility for real estate or interior design. And, with Hall admitting how much work was ahead of them when they got started on their show, it makes sense that she would have a lot of appreciation for everyone who helped them make the show a success, including the fans who continue to support both of their business endeavors to this day. 

The special, and truly final, episode of Flip or Flop will focus on the duo working to turn a “large” and “costly” duplex in Sunset Beach into a marvelous single-family home, which will involve a number of setbacks and a rising price tag. They’ve thanked one another before for all the hard work they’ve each put in, and it definitely sounds like this flip is going to be yet another one for the books, and a great way to finalize all the strides they made together.

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