I Applaud John Mayer's Amusing Explanation For Bringing His Guitar Into The Bedroom

John Mayer on Hot Ones on YouTube
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John Mayer may be known to many as the radio-friendly soft ballad rocker, but others may know that his music and guitar prowess goes far deeper than that. Not as many will already be aware that there’s another layer to knowing John Mayer, and an even more intimate performance experience that only a select number of people have seen. Mayer recently revealed that he brings his guitar into the bedroom, and I applaud him for his reason why. 

The musician and singer appeared as a guest on the Call Her Daddy podcast and revealed some interesting news about his bedroom habits. While some talented folks might try to woo a date with some guitar playing before doing the deed, John Mayer prefers to do it after it’s all done. The Grammy-winning artist explained below: 

You should never play guitar to have sex with someone, but a little naked guitar playing after is very memorable. With a little gut hanging over, sitting Indian-style on the edge of the bed. It’s nice! … I like seeing the way people fold up all weird when they sit up. No matter who you are, you look weird when you sit up. And it’s cute.

If you want love, John Mayer will make it, but you should be prepared to wait around for a special private performance afterward. The musician didn't reveal how many songs the intimate performance lasts. I’d also be curious if he does the entire performance solo or brings in the John Mayer Trio for a few songs midway through. 

In all seriousness, the only people who know all the dirty details are those who John Mayer has been intimate with. His love life has certainly made headlines over the years when dating celebrities. Some of his famous exes include Taylor Swift, who he’s complimented in the past. He’s also famously an ex-boyfriend of actress Jennifer Aniston. Mayer went on the record in 2013 and admitted he was a jerk to past girlfriends. 

Over the past year, however, he has been making news for reasons other than being a jerk to his exes, including paying tribute to departed friend Bob Saget and this recent revelation about playing the guitar. I think it’s fair to speculate John Mayer has changed over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed is his musical prowess when it comes to the guitar, so those who get to experience a private performance in the bedroom are in for something special.

Unfortunately, the majority of his fans won't ever experience John Mayer’s “intimate” concert performance. Those with a Netflix subscription will be able to see him perform in Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute, which is certainly worth streaming for those who haven’t watched. 

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