If You Think Former Hallmark Star Danica McKellar Looks Good For Her Age, You Should See Her Dad

Beauty in Hollywood can be a fleeting thing. Some stars need a little help to keep up appearances, while others are just genetically blessed. Former Hallmark star Danica McKellar falls into the latter category. She hasn’t aged a day since being introduced as everyone’s crush Winnie Cooper on the classic sitcom The Wonder Years. It seems like McKellar’s youthful looks aren’t just a fluke, as her dad won the genetic lottery as well.

Fans got a look at The Wonder Years alum’s youthful father when she posted a father-daughter photo on her Instagram to celebrate the elder McKellar’s 72nd birthday. Danica McKellar was a proud daughter as she posted the image a week before his big day. You can look at what great genes can do in the sweet post below.

This is what having good genes can do for you. Chris McKellar doesn’t look a day over 50 despite a few wrinkles here and there. He looks more like his daughter’s older brother rather than her father. Even Danica McKellar couldn’t believe her dad was in his 70s. Seeing how blessed she is, the actress expressed gratitude for partaking “in some of your genes." Adding that he doesn’t even dye his hair proved just how strong that McKellar DNA is.

Of course, Danica McKellar wasn’t the only one in awe of her ageless father. Her former Hallmark co-star Benjamin Ayres couldn’t fathom that her father was in his 70s, as he responded:

72?! Why does he have better hair than me! Happy Birthday!

While Ayres questioned the older McKellar’s hair as much as his daughter, Peacemaker’s Antonio Cupo was taken aback by his good looks. He replied to the birthday message:

Wow. Handsome guy, happy bday!

Cupo wasn’t the only one who admired Danica McKellar’s handsome face. One fan couldn’t believe her eyes, commenting:

My goodness, your papa is handsome! What a beautiful family!

While everyone was admiring her dada’s looks, Danica McKellar’s new network home GAC kept things to a minimum. The channel posted a simple message in McKellar’s comments.

Happy birthday 🎂

Seeing the older McKellar was a peek into the future of what the younger McKellar might look like in her 70s. At least, Danica McKellar knows how incredibly blessed she is to be his daughter. But it wasn’t just his genetics she was grateful for, as she thanked him for being an “amazing dad.”

This moment was just the latest bright spot for Danica McKellar as it was announced that the Hallmark staple would be leaving the channel after inking a deal with GAC. She was soon followed by fellow Hallmark star Jen Tilley, who signed with the rival network earlier this year. That doesn’t mean she cut off contact with her Hallmark family completely, as she joined Candace Cameron Bure and others in congratulating Jodie Sweetin on her recent engagement.

After leaving Hallmark, fans got to see Danica McKellar in her first GAC movie, The Winter Palace, earlier this year. If you want to see where Danica McKellar will pop up next, you can peek at our 2022 TV schedule.     

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