Insider Reveals Emily Ratajkowski May Have Already Broken Up With Eric André Before He Posted Nude Day-Drinking Photos

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People invested enough to keep up with the news on this front have known for a while that Emily Ratajkowski's "situationship" with Eric André is over. What they might not have known, however, is that the duo's brief dating stint might've ended before it was even confirmed. Apparently, there's reason to believe that Ratajkowski and André broke up before their famous nude day-drinking photo was ever posted. 

Fans speculated for a while that Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André were dating, but it wasn't until that iconic photo of them drinking together nude that it seemed to be official. Now E! News cites a source saying that Ratajkowski had broken up with him days before the picture was posted. So, for those who might've assumed it all fell apart really quickly over those days, it might've been already over. 

The context is important. Just days after the Instagram photo, Ratajkowski posted a TikTok of her looking sad in a video that was captioned,"What should you do when a situationship ends?" Check out the video below, which features a great quote from The Peanut Butter Falcon

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With the Instagram photo shared on Valentine's Day and Emily Ratajkowski's video shared on the February 18, one could've assumed things went wrong for them really fast. The news that they had allegedly broken up before Eric André's posting puts a different spin on the "situationship." André and Ratajkowski were first spotted out on the town together in early January

Eric André recently mentioned in an interview with Rolling Stone that they both agreed on him posting the picture. While the comedian and actor didn't share details on their relationship, he did add that he took offense to the internet's general reaction that they were incompatible. André pointed to other popular Hollywood couples to support his argument that he and Emily Ratajkowski weren't that odd of a match, despite what others may think. 

Emily Ratajkowski's relationships might've been under closer watch at the time because she had been dating Pete Davidson prior to that, who was coming out of a relationship with Kim Kardashian

While Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André aren't currently together, it seems like both are keeping busy enough these days. Ratajkowski received some kudos for her look at the Oscars with a statement-making dress. Meanwhile, André took some time to call out Chet Hanks for a dangerous stunt that he believed took things a bit too far. I feel like if André believes a stunt was a step too far, then he likely crossed a major boundary.  

The Eric Andre Show will return to Adult Swim for Season 6 on June 4. Keep a look out for it and other shows on the 2023 TV schedule, as the coming months are stacked with exciting television!

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