Emily Ratajkowski And Eric André Are All About Nude Day-Drinking In Cheeky Valentine's Day Post

Emily Ratajkowski holding martini shaker in Who's In My Bathroom? with Hailey Bieber
(Image credit: Hailey Rhode Bieber)

When it comes to celebrity couplings that defy predictability, one should look no further than the model and author Emily Ratajkowski’s relationship with the hilariously impulsive comedian Eric André. The pair first made headlines while out and about together in early January, following Ratajkowski’s split from Pete Davidson, and they’re continuing to do so a month later with their shared Valentine’s Day celebration. Thanks in (private) part(s) to some day-drinking around the house while embracing the freedom of nudity and the power of mirrored reflections. 

As seen in the Instagram post below, André is having a better day than many, as he’s spending it with Ratajkowski within her lovely abode, with both of their lovely a-bodies on display.  

So many layers to this picture! Or perhaps it's the opposite. Both of the pics feature the Eric Andre Show star and creator putting his best foot forward while posing for his bottomless SO, who can be seen in the mirror behind André. And possibly in the wine glass' reflection if zoomed in enough, but no need for all that. 

Just in case anyone had any questions about whether or not Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André were on Instagram-official terms, this puts all of them to bed, or whatever piece of furniture. The pair were seen out at the New York Knicks game on Monday night, and it looks like they didn't part ways with anything but their clothes. 

Eric André amusingly shared the first “shh” picture on his Instagram Stories with the caption “Happy Black History Month” between two of the same arrow-through-heart emojis that are covering his naughty bits. Really, though, if you squint your imagination a bit, even the arrow and the heart look a little naughty. Could be the supa-hawt pheromones wafting off of this IG post are messing with my brain.

Speaking of such things, Emily Ratajkowski showed off both her bum and her "free the nip" pride on Instagram a week prior to going public with her comedian beau, though he didn't seem to be around for those. At least, not that we could see without any well-placed mirrors helping out.

When he’s not drinking wine in his birthday suit, Eric André can be found amongst the stacked cast of Netflix’s Cabinet of Curiosities from Guillermo Del Toro, and also guested on a 2022 episode of Impractical Jokers. He’ll next be putting his off-the-wall talents to use on the small screen alongside Johnny Knoxville for the upcoming ABC series The Prank Panel.

Meanwhile, Emily Ratajkowski will soon be seen in Mel Brooks’ episodic sequel History of the World Part II, which will begin streaming on March 6 for those with Hulu subscriptions. Johnny Knoxville is also in that one, and also hasn't minded drunken nudity in the past. 

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