Jamie Lynn Spears And Britney's Feud Continues As Charity Steps Back From Donation Offer

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Though Britney Spears’ conservatorship is going more and more the way she would like these days, her family situation is seemingly getting worse. The pop singer has been at odds with her father over his purported controlling tendencies, and Spears’ lawyers apparently will even be going after him for conservator abuse. She has also been going back and forth with her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, on social media about who was there for her in the last 13 years. Evidently, the sisterly feud is still ongoing following a charity donation getting hit with “return to sender.”

The drama appears to have kickstarted after Britney Spears’ legions of fans caught wind of Jamie Lynn Spears promising proceeds of her upcoming biography to a mental health charity, This Is My Brave. Britney herself shaded the book on social media and then, on the charity’s Instagram, many of its posts became flooded with the “Free Britney” and “Cancel Jamie Lynn Spears” hashtags. The fans vocalized that accepting a donation from someone who allegedly wasn't looking after Britney Spears’ mental health amidst the conservatorship was akin to hypocrisy. The organization took the criticisms seriously and announced via Instagram that they were “taking action” and “declining the donation” after all.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ new book, Things I Should Have Said, supposedly describes her own struggles as a teen mom and growing up in the Spears family. And apparently, the charity’s donation reversal was like a slap in the face as a result. A source conveyed to People,

Jamie Lynn was totally blindsided by them publicly walking away. The organization was recommended and vetted and knew we were donating, but they've been overwhelmed. Unfortunately with them backing out, they are essentially saying that one person's mental health struggles are more valid and important than another. They took a clear stand on whose story they thought had more value to them. Seems their actions don't align with their mission of supporting all voices.

The source alleged that Jamie Lynn Spears has “suffered abuses” like her sister Britney and has been “dealing with mental health issues for the better half of her life.” They continued that by the charity rescinding the donation acceptance, they were reinforcing Jamie’s “entire trauma” and essentially saying ”that her story doesn't matter.”

The donation debacle is just the latest in the increasingly escalating feud between the two Spears sisters. Months ago, Britney Spears in fact called out those “closest” to her for leaving her “drowning” in the conservatorship. Jamie Lynn Spears' own culpability was called into question when it came to light that she might have benefited financially from her sister’s conservatorship.

Before the charity declined Jamie Lynn Spears’ book proceeds for a donation, Britney Spears got pretty candid about her own mental health on social media. She explained that she lived in fear of making a mistake if the conservatorship did come to an end. She also blasted the legality of it all in the United States as a “shame.” But concerning her family, she seemingly hinted at doing her own tell-all, saying,

It’s no secret that I’ve been through it in the past … so I might have to do things a little differently from now on !!! Lord have mercy on my family’s souls if I ever do an interview !!!

Amidst Jamie Lynn and Britney Spears’ disagreements, the conservatorship itself has been winding down. Their father has been permanently suspended as conservator and Britney is getting more and more freedoms back. (Like driving herself and getting engaged to boyfriend Sam Asghari.) However, it doesn't appear as though sisterly affection will be smoothed over quite as easily just yet.

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