Jensen Ackles Dons A Cowboy Hat For His New TV Series (And It’s Giving Me All The Jared Padalecki Walker Vibes)

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Jensen Ackles is staying busy these days post-Supernatural. The actor will be appearing on the highly-anticipated third season of The Boys next month and is working on the upcoming Supernatural prequel, The Winchesters, slated to premiere in the fall on The CW. On top of that, he will be popping up in the Season 2 finale of ABC’s mystery drama Big Sky, and in a new photo for his role, it’s giving me full Jared Padalecki’s Walker vibes.

It was recently announced that Ackles will not only be appearing in the Big Sky season finale as a guest star, but he will also become a series regular in the third season of the ABC series. Ahead of the episode, airing May 19, the Supernatural vet gave fans a look on Instagram of his sheriff character, including a cowboy hat and vest to tie it all together:

It seems like Jensen Ackles may have been hanging out with former co-star and on-screen brother Jared Padalecki too much. Perhaps it could be that he recently directed an episode of Walker or that Big Sky is set in Yellowstone territory in Montana, but Ackles bears quite the adequate resemblance to Padalecki as Cordell Walker. And I can’t say that I’m upset about it. 

Jared Padalecki in Walker

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Obviously, the resemblance is just a coincidence, considering where Big Sky is set, but it’s still pretty fun to see how similar the two look at a time when they're not even playing siblings anymore. Jared Padalecki can give Jensen Ackles some pointers on playing a cowboy sheriff now, though, since he knows all about it. Now we just need the two of them to portray cowboy sheriffs/Rangers on the same series; that would be a much-appreciated reunion if it ever happens.

It will be interesting to see how Jensen Ackles brings his own personality to playing a sheriff, and it will definitely be something to look out for in the upcoming third season of the drama. Even when Ackles and Padalecki aren’t playing brothers, they still manage to still look like it, whether it’d be on-screen or off.

Jensen Ackles is set to portray Beau Arlen, a Texas native who becomes a temporary sheriff, bringing with him his charming personality and confidence. This promotion will see him become Jenny’s new boss, as it’s a favor for Sheriff Tubbs. It’s unclear what fans can expect from this new character, but with Ackles portraying him, it’s going to be a memorable one.

Between Big Sky, The Boys, and The Winchesters, Jensen Ackles is a busy man all around the camera. With Sheriff Arlen and Soldier Boy being two completely different characters, seeing how Ackles differentiates them will be something to look forward to. Hopefully, Season 3 of Big Sky will get a premiere date soon, so fans will be able to start a countdown until they get to see Ackles back on their screens following Season 3 of The Boys

Don’t miss Jensen Ackles in the Season 2 finale of Big Sky airing Thursday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC!

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