John Stamos Drops F-Bomb While Talking About Lori Loughlin's Journey After College Admissions Scandal

Most of the Full House cast has remained mum yet supportive of co-star Lori Loughlin after she made headlines for allegedly falsifying information to get her daughter admitted to the University of Southern California. The allegations led to her missing out on Fuller House’s final season, and Hallmark ending its relationship with her. Following a short time in jail, Loughlin hasn’t spoken much about the admissions scandal and neither has her Full House family until now. Her TV husband John Stamos casually dropped an f-bomb while talking about her journey following the much-publicized scandal.

The Uncle Jesse actor spoke up for his former castmate while being interviewed on Armchair Expert. Stamos complimented host Dax Shepard for the nice words he said about Loughlin on the podcast. The TV uncle was skittish to talk about his TV wife given how polarizing she’s become following the headline-making scandal, he explained: 

I hate it when people bring her up because if you defend people get mad. If you don’t defend her, you feel bad because she’s a great person.

Being close to Loughlin was a sore spot for Stamos as he’s known her for over three decades. They played everyone’s favorite odd couple for seven seasons on Full House (available through an HBO Max subscription) and its spinoff, Fuller House, for four seasons (available through a Netflix subscription). Their closeness still shines through today as evidenced by their viral TikTok video.

Having worked with Loughlin previously, Shepard called her “a sweet person” before mentioning he disagreed with her alleged actions. This prompted Stamos to speak about the things she’s reportedly done following her imprisonment. He even made an ironic joke about her going to jail rather than him or his male co-stars.

She paid a lot of money and set up a college fund a million dollars or whatever for kids. She went to fucking jail, man. Of all the people on that show [Full House], me, Dave [Coulier], [Bob] Saget, we should go to jail, not her.

The Big Shots star even tried to clear her name by revealing what she allegedly told him following her jail sentence. He did get permission from the Great American Family star before saying:

I’m going to say this, and she said I could. She wasn’t really the architect of any of it. She was in the way background and didn’t know what was going on.

While Stamos isn’t her official spokesperson, he managed to get Lori Loughlin’s reported side out to the fans. She hasn’t done too many post-scandal interviews outside of her testimonial video for her volunteer work earlier this year. The former Full House star has been making her way back to Hollywood with her first GAF movie Fall Into Winter, which saw her reunite with her TV niece Candace Cameron Bure in the network’s Christmas lineup.

As for what the two actors are up to now, John Stamos is currently on the series The Big Shots, which can be watched with a Disney+ subscription, and Loughlin is currently filming Fall Into Winter

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