Josh Duggar Allegedly Used Same Password To Access Child Pornography As He Used For Instagram

As Josh Duggar prepares for his day in court after arrest on child pornography-related charges, new details about the case have been slowly trickling out. According to a new report, the former 19 Kids and Counting star actually used the same login info and password to access child pornography that he used repeatedly for accounts, including on social media.

The outlet Radar Online was able to recently access court documents related to the case. Some of the unsealed information was already publicly known, including the fact that a federal investigator on the case had called some of the images found on a work computer Josh Duggar had access to among “the worst” he’d ever seen. However, the outlet also reports that Josh Duggar was using the same password for his bank account, the family Instagram account and his alleged child pornography accounts. The prosecutor even noted in the report:

That was the password that Josh Duggar had been using for years, and it goes to show that he is the person behind the partition, behind downloading the child pornography.

Josh Duggar himself isn’t on Instagram anymore -- at least not publicly --but his wife Anna has a family account. That account mostly details activities the kids are up to and has been used for big announcements: think pregnancy reveals and more. The account has not been suspended but there have been no updates since Josh was arrested by federal agents at the tail end of April. That news broke shortly after the Duggar clan members announced they were having their seventh child.

In addition to that information, the report Radar Online accessed also indicates there is evidence that Josh Duggar was at the car lot on days that child pornography was accessed. Duggar’s legal team argued at the time that multiple individuals were on the premises and could have theoretically accessed the computer, which the government officials disagreed with. Officials on the case also noted that there were protections in place that allowed the user to hide activities on said computer.

In the past, we learned that Anna Duggar had allegedly put software on the computer in question that was supposed to trigger a report if there was any pornography that was accessed. A Linux partition had been added to obscure what was being done on the computer, but peer-to-peer files were still traced to the computer.

Josh Duggar’s court case is expected to begin proceedings in November of this year. If convicted on both of the two separate charges, Duggar could serve up to 40 years in prison, up to 20 for the first charge and up to 20 for the second charge. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with more related details as they break.

Also, and this should go without saying but I’m still going to say it, if you currently have the same password for both your social media accounts and your bank account, you should probably go ahead and rectify that situation immediately.

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