Kelly Clarkson Wore A Hilariously Large Belt On The Voice And The Fans’ Reactions Have Me LOLing

Kelly Clarkson wears a large belt in The Voice promo photo.
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Kelly Clarkson proved on the latest episode of The Voice that everything really is bigger in Texas. It’s usually the men in her home state who are known for rocking oversized belt buckles, but Clarkson came to play with an XL black belt that accented the whole torso of her sparkling long-sleeve black dress. The Voice entered the live portion of its 21st season, giving all of the Top 20 contestants an opportunity to sing for America’s vote, but America was more than a little distracted by The Belt.

Kelly Clarkson has been rocking a lot of high-waisted belts lately, and it’s a good look for the entertainer that clearly makes her feel comfortable. But the oversized accessory that The Voice coach donned for the Live Playoffs was truly next level. (Gordon Ramsey is setting up new cooking shows on this thing.) Clarkson wasn’t the only one drawing attention with her choice of outfit either, with Ariana Grande causing squeals of joy with her 13 Going on 30-inspired dress. But creativity goes to the belt-watchers, as Twitter fans’ reactions kept me laughing long after the singing ended.

Instead of the Team Kelly jackets that the American Idol champ gifts to all of her team members each season, maybe Kelly Clarkson should start giving out huge branded belts to put her singers in that championship mindset. She does have the highest winning percentage of any coach on The Voice, so maybe she’s hooked on that championship mindset, as Twitter users compared Clarkson’s belt to one in a different kind of competition. 

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One Twitter user suggested a call to Guinness might be in the cards for Kelly Clarkson, as they noted this outfit choice was a standout, even for her!

Ok, what is up with @kellyclarkson belt buckle? She has had large before but this is distracting, approaching world record attempts even.

Okay, now I’m legit curious about the world record for biggest belt. Other fans wondered if Kelly Clarkson had perhaps procured the belt from a fantastical giant, via the use of some magic beans? I mean, really, the buckle covers the entirety of her stomach! 

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Thank goodness the talk show host didn’t opt for a red dress underneath the behemoth belt. That would have pushed the already-hilariously large accessory into costume territory, and not in a complimentary way. Twitter fans were already joking that a certain holiday mascot might need some help keeping his own pants up.

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Love it or hate it, Kelly’s big belts are likely to stick around, as they’ve proven to be a fashion choice she feels comfortable in. Many fans acknowledged as much, pointing out that in a world full of uncertainties, Kelly gonna Kelly. 

The thing about my girl @kellyclarkson is she gonna wear a big ass belt.

With the coaches showing they’re not afraid to show off some bold fashion choices, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for what’s coming next. Assuming, of course, that Clarkson's belt doesn't move out in front of the sun and cause an eclipse.

The Voice continues at 8 p.m. ET November 9 on NBC with Top 20 eliminations. Each team will lose two of its five members, except for one singer who will be saved by a Twitter vote during the episode. The Top 13 will all sing for America’s vote again next Monday, November 15. Check out our 2021 TV Schedule to keep up with premieres through the end of the year.

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