Kristen Stewart Is Recruiting LGBTQ+ Mediums, Psychics And More For Her ‘Super Gay’ Ghost Hunting Project

Kristen Stewart in Charlie's Angels
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Kristen Stewart has long been associated with the world of vampires with her Twilight films. As it nears a decade since the actress said goodbye to Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s romance, she is executive producing a ghost hunting series and recruiting real paranormal experts from the LGBTQ+ community to be part of the show. 

Stewart recently took over an Instagram post from The Casting Collective to share her search for ghost hunters, mediums, psychics, and historians to join her series. Check out the announcement: 

The actress spilled a ton of puns, saying how “scarily excited” she is to announce details for the new ghost hunting series. As she shared, she’s teaming up with the creators and producers behind shows such as Queer Eye, Legendary, and The Hype on the “most gayest” ghost hunting show ever. Kristen Stewart is looking for an LGBTQ+ cast of experts to lead the adventure on which the project centers.

In order to enter, the casting call asks for those with real experience with ghost hunting, paranormal investigation, supernatural psychometry, and more. It asks more specific questions as well, such as experience with the paranormal, how the person entering gets into a paranormal space, what equipment they use, along with a photo and short video of themselves entering in order to be considered. 

Stewart first shared news of the project back in late 2021 to The New Yorker, which she said she was developing with a friend and described it as “a paranormal romp in a queer space” that would have a “richness” to its aesthetic. 

The untitled ghost hunting series would be the first time Kristen Stewart has been credited as an executive producer. Over the years, Stewart has become more involved in supporting the LGBTQ+ community by speaking up about her experience as a bisexual woman in the spotlight, taking more visibly queer roles, such as Christmas streaming hit Happiest Season and her upcoming A24 film where she’ll play the lover to a female bodybuilder.

In addition to being an executive producer on this series, Kristen Stewart is planning on making her directorial debut, which is the adaptation of a book that is a personal favorite of hers, called The Chronology of Water. The actress also previously shared that she is developing a TV show with her fiancée Dylan Meyer as well. 

Stewart currently stars in David Cronenberg’s sci-fi thriller Crimes of the Future alongside Viggo Mortensen and of course earned herself her first Oscar nomination this past awards season for portraying Princess Diana in Spencer. The actress has been super busy, and this project sounds like an especially exciting and unique one. Obviously, we’re watching this immediately once K-Stew does find her paranormal experts and the new TV show finds a premiere date. 

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