Lacey Chabert Is Filming Her Next Hallmark Movie In Malta And The Views Are Gorg (Her Selfie Game Not So Much)

Lacey Chabert has been a busy bee over at Hallmark in recent months. The actress recently produced and starred in the second trilogy of Wedding Veil movies and then she hopped on a plane to Malta for another exciting adventure. Fans may already know she’s filming another dancing movie with The Christmas Waltz co-star Will Kemp, and this week we got a look at the stunning views she’s been soaking in while on set. They are impressive. Her selfie game? Not so much.  

In a new post, Chabert shared a selfie of a glorious morning filming in Malta. (Her Hallmark films really do get shot in stunning locations.) Her new movie is expected to be of the HMM murder variety and reportedly will be called The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango. In addition to showing off the sunshine, she commented on her apparent lack of ability to take photos capably for her social media. 

I mean, I would not call that selfie on “pointe,” but at least she has the chutzpah to poke a little fun at herself. Some of her Hallmark pals, former movie co-stars, and GAF defecting pals thought so too and shared their amused takes on her caption. 

  • Jen Lilley: “Bahahahahaha. Your caption. I was like awww Lacey. Yay! Congrats!! And then finished the caption and died. I love you!! You’re amazing and talented and have the best sense of humor 🙌❤️” 
  • Amanda Seyfried: “Doesn’t matter- it’s a perfect shot!!”
  • Jonathan Bennett: “I agree with that. (About the selfie part).”
  • Karen Kruper: “There’s GOT to be a “selfie training elective” somewhere you could enroll in. Even a weekend course. It might really help your career?”

Lacey Chabert did a little better in her second selfie from the set. This one featured Will Kemp and dancing instructor Christian Millette, both of whom also commented on her post.

Kemp shared a bunch of emojis, “Love you guys!! 🕺🏻🕵🏻‍♀️🎬🇲🇹🫶🏼🙌🏼” and Millette said he hoped to work with the Hallmark gang again, writing, ‘Thank you so much ! It is such a pleasure working with you. Hopefully not the last time 🥰🤩.”

Oh and in case all of this wasn’t enough of a stunning view of Malta, Chabert also took to her Instagram Stories to share more of the scenery, noting “each view is better than the last.”

Lacey Chabert in Malta for Hallmark Movie with Will Kemp.

(Image credit: Lacey Chabert)

Lacey Chabert is a big fan of made-for-TV romance, so much so in fact that in recent years she has re-upped her deal with Hallmark to take on a larger role on the producing end, as well as still acting in major roles. She’s also responded to criticism of the cabler's "formula," noting that she and the network are striving to do something a little different each time.

In this case, while we've seen her do both mystery movies (See: Crossword Puzzle Mysteries) and a dancing movie (See: The Christmas Waltz) in the past, hopefully there will be enough that's likable and new in this combined dancing mystery that fans will find it refreshing. In the meantime, here's hoping for more selfies, bad or no, from beautiful Malta.

Jessica Rawden
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