Lacey Chabert Opens Up About One Thing Fans Never Notice About Hallmark Movies That's Deeply Uncomfortable

The holiday season can mean curling up with a cup of hot chocolate while watching your favorite Christmas movies, including Hallmark movies. The network is known for its wide range of films surrounding the wintry holiday, though star Lacey Chabert has pointed out one thing about filming these movies that is a bit uncomfortable.

While the Hallmark Christmas movies always seem like the best winter stories, they are filmed months earlier in order to get them done in time for the holidays, meaning that it’s not actually as cold and snowy as it should be. Although she loves celebrating Christmas six months early, Lacey Chabert tells CBS News that the temperature is problematic:

I love Christmas, I really do. Since I was a little girl, I lived for Christmas. I love that I get to live in Christmas Land in July when we're usually filming these movies, and even though we're wearing seven coats and it's 108 degrees outside, and you're about to faint because you're sweating so badly.

It’s clear that Lacey Chabert absolutely loves filming the movies, but I don’t blame her for not liking the heat. It’s hard to be in a Christmas mood when you are dressed like it’s in the 20s and it’s really over 90 degrees. At least she is surrounded by Christmas decorations to still get her in the spirit. Plus, she’s filmed enough of them that she knows what to expect by now! Maybe at some point, she’ll be able to film a Christmas movie during the winter, even if it means having to wait even longer for it to premiere.

Lacey Chabert was quick to get in the Christmas mood in August ahead of filming a new movie, while in the middle of promoting her Hawaii-set film Groundswell, so she may not have fully felt the holiday spirit right then, but a Christmas-themed set could probably get anybody feeling much merrier.

Meanwhile, filming is not the only way to get into the Christmas spirit. Earlier this year, Chabert and other Christmas movie stars got together for Christmas Con, and the temperature was surely much more regulated than on location in the summer to pretend to be chilling out!

Amidst the shakeups at Hallmark with rival channel GAF, Lacey Chabert has shown her loyalty to the network that has been her Christmas movie home for years. She has previously opened up about the most rewarding part about working for Hallmark, and that’s hearing stories from different people. No matter how hot it may get!

To get into the holiday mood when it actually is cold outside, be sure to check out the most popular Christmas movies that are streaming, as well as Hallmark Christmas movies that need to be prioritized immediately. If you're ready to start planning ahead for the new year, be sure to check out our 2023 TV premiere schedule.

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