Lacey Chabert’s Hawaiian Hallmark Movie Is About To Premiere, And She Celebrated With Some Shirtless Pics Of Her Co-Star

Although Lacey Chabert is currently getting into the Christmas spirit while filming a new Hallmark movie, she's also gearing up for the release of a summer-infused movie that'll hit the network very soon. The actress is counting down to the premiere of her jaw droppingly beautiful Hawaii-set flick, and she’s celebrating by posting some shirtless pictures of her co-star. (Because how else can you celebrate such an occasion?)

Lacey Chabert’s Hawaiian movie, Groundswell, was filmed in the Aloha State earlier this summer, and the pictures looked gorgeous. Though it looks like that wasn’t the only good view Chabert had while filming. She posted some BTS photos on Instagram in anticipation for the film’s premiere, featuring her very shirtless co-star Ektor Rivera. Check them out down below:

Any chance to film in such a stunning location is always a plus, but I’m sure it’s even better when your co-stars are well on the eyes. It seems like the two of them spent plenty of time learning how to surf and, by the looks of one photo, the lead actress even managed to bring along a fluffy friend, a.k.a. her “favorite costar.” 

Groundwell will follow Lacey Chabert’s Emma, who moves to Hawaii and meets “reclusive surf instructor” Ben, played by Ektor Rivera. This movie should be enough to get anyone in the summer mood, despite the fact that the season is coming to an end soon. The production is just one of many upcoming Hallmark movies on the schedule, and it’s not the last one for Chabert.

Funny enough, while the star has been busy hyping up Groundswell this summer, one of her other Hallmark leading men almost started a competition with Ektor Rivera. Will Kemp, who has been her on-screen lover in a few movies like The Christmas Waltz, hilariously wondered if Rivera could waltz. If we could get a film with the Mean Girls vet in the lead and some of her former co-stars playing characters that are vying for her affections in a Bachelorette-type story, I’d be totally down. Though the actress may be a bit busy as is.

She already has a number of other films in the works for the network. Recently Lacey Chabert opened up about the most rewarding part of doing the movies and, from that, I'd wager that she'll be sticking with the company for some time. Additionally, Chabert was even able to realize a longtime dream after filming a recent trilogy, The Wedding Veil. With many stars leaving Hallmark for GAC Family, she is staying loyal and, when you get to film in places like Hawaii and work with stunning people like Ektor Rivera, can you blame her?

Don’t miss Lacey Chabert get her surf on with shirtless Ektor Rivera in Groundswell, which premieres tonight on Hallmark Channel at 9 p.m. ET. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to look forward to in the coming months.

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