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Lala Kent's Prenup Comments On Vanderpump Rules Give More Insight On Randall Emmett Relationship Prior To Split

Randall Emmet and Lala Kent on Vanderpump R
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Per usual, Lala Kent is saying a lot in the current season of Vanderpump Rules. Much of it is at the expense of her fellow castmates (and those relationships). But the reality star has also been opening up about the dynamic between her and then-fiancé Randall Emmett – and it's been rather curious. It even seemed as though Kent might have anticipated their breakup before it happened when sharing their early marriage discussions. Her recent prenup comments on the show have given even more insight into their relationship just prior to the big split.

In the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules (which aired on January 4), Lala Kent and Scheana Shay talked prenuptial agreements. Shay was firm that – after having to give up half her finances in her Michael Shay divorce – she wasn't going to have a repeat scenario with fiancé Brock Davies. Kent confirmed that she and Randall Emmett had gotten a prenup because she is “all about a plan B.” She also told her co-star:

When things get sticky, people really show [their] true colors. I just want something that is so clear and cut and dry where it's like, 'What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine. Go away.'

It's been known pretty much since the beginning of their 3-year-long engagement that the couple was planning to have a prenup. So it's not so interesting that they actually went through with it (despite conceiving their first child together) but more so that it piggybacks off the star other comments that she was really anticipating things to possibly go left and needed those fail-safes in place. Weeks after their breakup, the Bravo veteran verified that her financially independent mindset is indeed what allowed her to walk away so smoothly after the cheating allegations surrounding her ex came out.

Randall Emmett was cut out of their formally joint podcast in the wake of the split. Lala Kent herself has taken to shading him in other ways and even indicated that she would thank the women behind his supposed cheating. This joie de vivre apparently also includes her dating life, with the Vanderpump Rules alum stating on the recent episode of her Give Them Lala podcast that she has already made the effort to move on by sliding into someone’s DMs recently. She revealed:

Like I said, I don’t have any expectations with it, but it went well … just talking to a man who’s not my previous relationship, it’s just like, ‘This is fun,’ and obviously I have a little bit of a game left if there’s communication happening. It has less to do with the dude and more with the fact that I re-popped my DM cherry, and I think that is something to celebrate.

As is her right – as an officially single, non-married (or engaged) woman. But while Lala Kent is now exploring all her options, she might have to still answer for some of her Vanderpump Rules comments. We're piecing together the ones about Randall Emmett, but those ones about co-stars/friends Scheana Shay and Brock Davies aren’t going over so well with the parties in question. Keep up to date on the show with new episodes premiering on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST!

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