Larsa Pippen’s NBA Player Son Is Now Teammates With Her Ex-Boyfriend, And Shannon Sharpe Has A Blunt Take On The Situation

For months, Scottie Pippen made headlines for his one-sided feud with fellow Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan but, these days, it’s his ex-wife who’s been drawing a lot of attention. Larsa Pippen, who’s been entangled in drama with Kim Kardashian and more, raised eyebrows when she was romantically linked with Jordan’s son, Marcus. Now, it would seem that a former part of the Real Housewives alum’s love life is spilling into her son’s NBA career. Los Angeles Laker Scotty Pippen Jr. is now teammates with his mother’s ex-flame, Malik Beasley, in an awkward turn of events. Outspoken sports commentator Shannon Sharpe has since weighed in on the matter, and he had a blunt take.

This year’s NBA Trade Deadline saw a number of big moves, like Brooklyn Net Kyrie Irving being scooped up by the Dallas Mavericks and Russell Westbrook getting dealt to the Utah Jazz by the Lakers. Malik Beasley was also part of that latter blockbuster deal, as he was one of the players Utah sent to Los Angeles in exchange for Westbrook. It’s a solid trade for the 17-time championship-winning franchise, though it could make things uncomfortable for Beasley since he now has to hoop alongside his ex-girlfriend’s son. 

If I’m being honest, the idea of having to play alongside someone who once had a publicized relationship with one of your parents is cringey. Shannon Sharpe is more than aware of that as well and didn’t hold back when addressing this latest trade-related matter. During a recent episode of Undisputed (via Black Enterprise), the celebrated Denver Bronco opined that Scotty Pippen Jr. shouldn’t stand for it:

If I’m Scotty Pippen Jr. I want a trade. ‘Malik Beasley coming on my team, I gotta go! I will fight it!' … I just can’t play for the Lakers no more. I want out!

Larsa Pippen and Malik Beasley were first linked in November 2020 after they were spotted together in Miami. Beasley was still married to his wife, model Montana Yao, at the time and, as a result, plenty of drama ensued. Pippen, however, contended that he was separated from Yao when they got together. She and Beasley would continue their romance until they broke up in April 2021. So the two didn’t stay together long, but I’m not sure if that would extinguish any awkwardness between Beasley and Pippen’s son. 

It remains to be seen how the two professional athletes will contend with the unique  situation they now find themselves in. Meanwhile, Larsa Pippen’s relationship with Marcus Jordan is still very much a public topic of discussion. They were first spotted while on a “double date” in Miami this past September, though Pippen denied that she was dating Jordan when broached on the topic. They’ve since gone public, and fans have been weighing in. One bystander even yelled at Jordan and Pippen while they were taking in a football game months ago.

I’ve always thought that when it comes to basketball, most of the drama pertains to the game itself, not the love lives of those connected to it, but here we are. Though Scotty Pippen Jr. isn’t in an ideal situation, the rising star probably won’t demand a trade as Shannon Sharpe suggested. He’s proven to be a level-headed, young man – one who surely wouldn’t let Malik Beasley’s presence affect his professional standing and paycheck.

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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