6 Letterkenny Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off After Shoresy

Jared Keeso on Shoresy
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You’re watching Hulu’s new Letterkenny spin-off, Shoresy, the other dayee when you start to wonder what other great side characters from the hit sitcom set in rural Canada might be due for their own show. Well, to be fair (Tooooooo beeeeeee faaaaaaaaaairrrrrrrrrrr!), it can be a bit risky to build a whole new series around a fan-favorite character as what often tends to keep them interesting is their limited amount of appearances.

However, if the sharp-chirpin’, goal-scoring, and formerly faceless title character of Shoresy - portrayed by series creator and Wayne actor Jared Keeso - can lead his own show to great acclaim, I think we can say that Letterkenny cast is pertnear full of characters who could achieve the same success. So, pitter patter, let’s get at er and see who we believe would be the perfect candidates to lead the next installment of this bizarre, hilarious universe - starting with one of the funniest hicks on the series outside of the main four.

Dan Petronijevic on Letterkenny

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Much of the funniest moments on Letterkenny involve, in some capacity, the persnickety and sometimes inappropriate “piece of shit” McMurray, played by Dan Petroijevic. The loyal and sometimes overbearing presider of the local Agricultural Hall is also the husband of Mrs. McMurray (Melanie Scrofano) and older brother of Bonnie McMurray (Kamilla Kowall). 

In fact, I actually think that McMurray’s sister, his wife, and maybe even his first name should be involved as well if Petroijevic were to reprise the role on a spin-off that could further explore what makes him tick, which is pertnear everything. Of course, he gets especially riled up by misbehaving degens, mistreatment of Canada “gooses,” and when things fall out of their regular organization, such as the way he and Wayne greet each other.

Mark Forward as Coach on Letterkenny

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One such person who did come at odds with McMurray and co. for his mistreatment of Canada “gooses” in the classic Season 4 episode “A Fuss at the Golf Course” is Coach. Played by comedian Mark Forward, he is another character whose full name remains a mystery, as well what caused the untimely passing of his beloved wife, Barb. 

Another characteristic that Forward’s fan-favorite Letterkenny role has in common with McMurray is a short-temper, especially after his hockey team - originally the Letterkenny Shamrocks and currently the No Regretskys - suffer a tough loss which he is quick to call “fucking embarrassing!” My desire to hear Coach deliver his immortal catchphrase more often alone is why I think he deserves a spin-off, even if Hulu already gave one Letterkenny hockey player his own show.

The Ginger And Boots on Letterkenny

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The Ginger And Boots

Say, speaking of Shoresy, he is not the only Letterkenny side character whose anonymity (particularly of the face in his case) has been a defining characteristic. For instance, we still do not actually know the names of the actors who play The Ginger and Boots (who are apparently buddies with Jared Keeso in real life), nor do we actually get to see them on the show very often, let alone speak much dialogue. 

The famed (and infamous) fighting duo’s main contribution to the series has been through town gossip that suggests one (or, perhaps, even both of them) performed an indecent act on an ostrich (“allegedly”), which is why their talents are only called upon in case of emergencies. Perhaps we could get to the bottom of how that rumor started in their own spin-off series that would likely feature some epic fisticuffs to prove if they really are tough or just “10-ply.”

Kaniehtiio 'Tiio' Horn as Tanis on Letterkenny

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One such person who did come at odds with The Ginger and Boots during one of the emergencies that called for their enlistment in the classic Season 2 episode “The Native Flu” was Tanis. The fierce leader of the Natives and fierce protector of the First Nations reserve (or “The Rez”) that exists just outside of Letterkenny is played by Kaniehtiio “Tiio” Horn. 

Tanis is, in my opinion, the toughest non-hick character on Letterkenny for her willingness to engage in a fight (either verbal or physical) with anyone (including even Wayne while they were dating) and at just about any time - save whenever she would need a moment to let her nails dry. It is always a treat to see her show up in an episode either as a recurring character, a series regular, or a guest, which is why I would give a Texas-sized 10-4 to the idea of a show that puts her in the spotlight.

Jared Abrahamson on Letterkenny

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You know, one other great reason to give Tanis her own spin-off would be to shed light on what goes on in the Letterkenny universe from a different cultural perspective, specifically that of the Natives at the Rez in this case. For that same reason, I would be interested in seeing a series that is told from the persective of Wayne and Katy’s (Michelle Mylett) “cousin’t” from the U.S.A, Jake.

Actor Jared Abrahamson made his first appearance as the comically hyper-patriotic, Michigan-born “Yank” in Season 8, in which he gives his service in the U.S. military as an explanation for his absence until then. Now, I have always been against the idea of doing an American remake of Letterkenny - citing a few failed American remakes of classic U.K. comedies as examples - but do believe that the next best thing might be a Stateside spin-off starring Jake as the main protagonist.

Dycks on Letterkenny

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The Dyck Family

Now, if we really want to talk about exploring cultural differences in the Letterkenny universe, there may be no discussion more potent than that of the Dycks. This family of local Mennonites is made up of Noah (Jonathan Torrens), his wife Anita (former The Walking Dead cast member Sarah Wayne Callies), his sister Lovina (Brooke Bruce), daughters Chastity (Olivia Collili) and Charity (Cora Eckert), and two sons whose names I anticipate will be equally hilarious when they are finally revealed.

However, the double-entendres do not stop at the names of each family member as there is something to bust a gut over in just about every line of dialogue they speak, which is why Season 8’s “Holy Sheet” - which is all about the Mennonites’ misleading the Hicks with unintentional innuendos - is one of the funniest and simply best Letterkenny episodes yet in my opinion. I wish that we could see more Dycks in every episode, but understand why that likely would not happen, so maybe they could be made the focus of the next spin-off.

Now, you might be saying that I should probably take about 20 percent off the top before I start throwing airballs over the topic of another Letterkenny spin-off. Well, I guess we could stop here before you get all gutty about it. In the meantime, until we see the Dycks standing tall on their own series, Shoresy and all 10 seasons of Letterkenny are now available to stream on Hulu.

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