Looks Like Gen Z's Sydney Sweeney Is Back On Board For Millennial Trend Megan Fox Recently Brought Back

In what may possibly qualify as the most exciting news for millennials this week, the side part seems to be making a comeback. A year after the hairstyle was declared dead by Gen Z, millennial Megan Fox was seen rocking her hair to one side again. That might have indicated the old hairstyle was inching toward popularity again, but now zoomer Sydney Sweeney has gotten on board. I'm confident this means we are at least close to being able to call the style trendy again. 

2021–aka a bad year from both a hair and Covid box office perspective – was all about the middle part. We saw it on red carpets. We saw it on TikTok. We also saw the side part get roasted on TikTok, alongside other things that were gleaned “cheugy.” Now that we're nearing 2023, Sydney Sweeney’s seemingly brought back the millennial favorite, but with some cool new vibes. Don’t take it from me, check out the look from the Euphoria star below.

That’s right, you can see her notable side part as clear as day in what looks to be a brand new lob cut. It’s very similar to the side part Megan Fox rocked in a viral TikTok video shared by her stylist, but it’s even more notable coming from Sweeney, who at 24 is a member of Gen Z. This is good news for the myriad people who might look good with a side part out there, but who have been hiding in a sea of center parts since TikToker user glowy bird went viral for calling the look out.

To note, Sydney Sweeney is not anti-center part. She’s been rocking the look in recent months for varying ad campaigns and more, but it’s nice to see there’s room for both looks in her fashion repertoire. 

She joins a growing faction of Zoomers who like to change their hairstyles up a bit. (The Simpsons even recently poked fun at Billie Eilish for all her hair changes.)  

Speaking of rocking multiple looks, Euphoria Season 3 is expected to start filming again “soon,” according to what Sydney Sweeney told Variety recently. After thinking Cassie would get killed in Season 2, her character is expected to be back, but what hairstyle she will rock is now one of the many questions I have about Euphoria Season 3. Granted, Cassie’s never been one to shy away from new looks, just like the actress who plays her. There are literal videos online showing fans how to try out her varying hairstyles, so hard telling if a side part will make the cut next season!  

Meanwhile, in real life, will the side part continue to make a comeback? Or will we be sticking with center parts for the time to come? This summer, bangs and bobs have been in, and center parts make sense a lot of times with those cuts; regardless, I say wear whatever makes you happy. Megan Fox and Sydney Sweeney certainly do. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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