Mary Cosby Slams Real Housewives Co-Stars For ‘Cult’ Church Rumors And Comparisons To Jen Shah

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The drama in the sophomore season The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is starting to escalate. With Jen Shah’s arrest fresh on everyone's mind, the cast has turned its attention to anyone else who is potentially hiding something in the group. With this, everyone suddenly has a lot to say about not only Shah but also how First Lady Mary Cosby of the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church correlate. They even discussed rumors that the church might be a cult. The pastor herself has since slammed her Bravo co-stars for the insinuations and comparisons made on the show.

On the most recent episode, a former member of Mary Cosby’s church (who is also a friend of Lisa Barlow) actually stated that he mortgaged his house and gave Cosby $300,000 for her armpit odor gland removal surgery. He's no longer with the congregation, but Barlow believes he suffers from “religious trauma.” Whitney Rose also suggested that her co-star's patrons worship her as though she were God. Cosby became visibly upset about these conversations on the RHSLC. But on the Bravo After Show, the reality TV star elaborated on what she really thinks, saying:

You can't just be decent and it can't just be a church and it can't just be a place of love... Why talk about someone's faith? It's not like I'm going out and cutting people. I'm going to a place of rescue. I'm going to a place where I find help and other people find help. And what is true, I will tell you. I'm going to always tell you my truth. If it's a cult, I will tell you. If I'm God, I'm God! And trust me, if I'm God, I'm going to do some powerful things. I'll be moving things around and bop Whitney [Rose] on in head... But God is very beautiful, he is a spirit and I’m Mary M. Cosby, so just don't give that kind of stuff life because it's not true. And if it was true, why did it come out now? …I'm thinking, why me? Why do I have to be the one that is God? Whose God? Who says this? It's just outlandish. It's outlandish and kind of funny and untrue. All the above.

The speculation about the alleged cult-like church kicked off when the group became worried after Jen Shah’s legal troubles, specifically about how they could be implicated. Heather Gay vocalized to everyone that it was important to know the extent of what was going on with Mary Cosby so they wouldn't be as blindsided as they were about Shah, if something serious did in fact come out. Apparently, though, Cosby has an issue with why these comparisons were made in the first place. She shared:

I think that's horrible. Like first of all, you’re dealing with a person who is coming from a place of faith and coming from a place of ‘I love my church.’ That's all I'm saying, I love my church and I’m not ashamed of it. I love God and I’m not ashamed. I love it and it's okay. And I came into this friend group with that and knowing that. And to put me with someone who's literally now being investigated by the FBI, I mean past investigating, going into indictment... I just think that's mean. Why do I have to be next... Why? Because I love church? And I was inherited a church? I just don't want to hear it.

It's currently unclear if the Real Housewives star's church has faced any legal action concerning the allegations. However, a few months ago, she was hit with charges for unlawfully sheltering a minor, who was supposedly a member. What's more is that she has engendered yet another backlash from Bravo fans on social media following Sunday's episode – specifically for seeming to buy off her co-stars with expensive accessories and then later making problematic comments about Hispanic individuals and crime.

Suffice to say, it's getting intense on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. While Mary Cosby is fending off these cult rumors, Jen Shah is endeavoring to have her case thrown out entirely. Check back here for more updates on the situation.

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