Yellowstone's Latest Trailer Focused On Jimmy's Fate, And Kevin Costner Shared A Very Ominous Warning

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Similar to how The Walking Dead handled its promotional campaign surrounding Jeffrey Dean Morgan's introduction as Negan, Yellowstone is the rare TV series that has to advertise its new season with absolutely zero new footage from the majority of its main cast. Thanks to the cliffhanger buffet that was offered up in the Season 3 finale, fans are largely unsure of what'll happen to John, Kayce, Beth and Jimmy, but the latest Season 4 trailer put a bit more focus on Jefferson White's rodeo-loving cowboy than usual. But regardless of whether it seemed like good or bad news, Kevin Costner followed it up with a trademark ominous comment that makes it sound like Jimmy is damned either way.

The comment in question was shared on Yellowstone's Instagram trailer post, which you can watch below for total context.

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Now, I won't go on record saying that John Dutton doesn't make mistakes, and that everything he says is gospel. But if the dude makes somebody promise something, they can basically bet their life on that promise being a beneficial one. And what the video above brings to the forefront of Season 4(front) is that not only did Jimmy fuck up his body again by getting up on that horse, but he also shattered his bond of trust with John. Not a good move to make with any boss, but especially not John Dutton. No matter how much Eden Brolin's Mia egged him on about doing his own thing, Jimmy should have held John's words on high.

Which is exactly the point that Kevin Costner made with his follow-up comment, invoking a little Mr. T into his ominousness. 

Pity the man who breaks a promise to John Dutton

Truer words are seldomly spoken, Yellowstone fans. And what's more, Kevin Costner might have further confirmed his eventual return to health with that comment, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, perhaps he's just commenting on Jimmy's current fate, and how the injury came directly from him breaking that promise to John. On the other hand, maybe Costner is talking about the future, implying that Jimmy's injuries won't be the last worries the ranch hand has to deal with.

Considering John is going to be recovering from gunshot wounds with Season 4 starts, his mood is likely going to be sour and guided by vengeance, so I cannot imagine he'll immediately have any genuine sympathy or pity for Jimmy when he hears what happened. So there's a decent chance that John will boot Jimmy from the ranch altogether. Which could possibly lead into and provide meaningful context for the upcoming Texas-based 6666 spinoff, which will reportedly feature Jefferson White's Jimmy as a lead.

Below Kevin Costner's comment was a message from Jefferson White himself, although it's hard to know whether he was responding to his co-star, or speaking to the fanbase waiting to learn how Jimmy is doing. In White's words:

We’ve come a long way together - hold on a little longer!!

With or without four different characters in the hospital, Yellowstone Season 4 will finally make its grand arrival with a two-hour premiere on Sunday, November 7, at 9:00 p.m. ET. While waiting to see how it clears things up, check out the 2021 Fall TV schedule, which includes both the 1883 spinoff prequel and Taylor Sheridan's newest non-Yellowstone series Mayor of Kingstown.

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