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Modern Family Stars Reunited For A 'Father-Daughter' Date Night, And Cue The Awws

Screenshot of Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Audrey Anderson-Emmons as Mitchell and Lily Prichett on Modern Family
(Image credit: ABC)

The Pritchetts and Dunphies have kept their family connection going despite Modern Family ending in 2020. Fans of the sitcom have seen the cast reunite a few times after the series finale. This time, viewers got to see Mitchell and Lily Pritchett have a father-daughter outing, or at least the actors who portrayed them. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Audrey Anderson-Emmons showed their fictional father-daughter bond is still intact as they came together for a special date night. Of course, they had to adorably document their mini-Modern Family reunion.

The former co-stars didn’t give the typical hostile vibes of Mitch and Lily, understandably, as Ferguson posted a few photos from their cute outing. The father-daughter date night shouldn’t be too surprising for fans to witness, given Jesse Tyler Ferguson played Audrey Anderson-Emmons’ father for 11 highly popular seasons. To see how their special evening went, you can check out Ferguson’s Instagram post below.

Viewing a stage production in Los Angeles was seemingly the perfect way for the Prichetts to reunite, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Audrey Anderson-Emmons appeared to have enjoyed their special time together. Their smiles and embrace were evidence of their excitement. And for anyone who wants to see other shared excursions, Ferguson’s Instagram feed indicates their date night is a recurring thing for the Modern Family stars.

As seen in Ferguson’s photo, Audrey Anderson-Emmons has continued to thrive after the ABC comedy ended. She wouldn’t be the only Dunphy or Pritchett to go through some major maturation, considering Nolan Gould’s thirst trap and Winter’s TikTok glow-up signaled those actors weren’t just kids anymore.

Smiling together after seeing a musical was a vast contrast from Lily Tucker-Pritchett and Mitchell Pritchett’s relationship on the beloved ABC sitcom. Of course, the father-daughter relationship started cute and innocent in the early seasons, when Lily was too young to cause much friction. Things did take a turn as she became more forward and smart-mouthed toward her family, especially when it came to the uptight Mitchell. As with any relationship, the characters had their bonding moments as she became a teenager. It’s too bad there haven’t been any updates on the rumored Mitch and Cam spinoff, since viewers would love to see how their father-daughter dynamic has evolved.

Post-Modern Family reunions like this one are nothing new for viewers, though they're no less enjoyable all the same. Despite the pandemic limiting interactions, the former Dunphies and Pritchetts have made time to reunite several times, including for Ferguson’s birthday. They even had a family picnic, which led to the absent Ariel Winter questioning what happened to her invite. But the full cast might get another chance to reunite, as Sarah Hyland revealed she and fiancé Wells Adams will get married in 2022. So, devoted Modern Family fans might get more candid photos from the cast soon.

Most of the cast members have moved on since the celebrated comedy ended. Given their closeness, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them reunite in the next decade for a possible revival reunion special. Until that happens, you can relive every awkward moment and cherished memory by streaming all 11 seasons of Modern Family on Peacock and Hulu.

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