Modern Family's Sarah Hyland Celebrated Her Birthday Exactly How She Wanted To, In Front Of Her 'Fiancé's Junk'

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has been busy since her hit ABC sitcom ended, working on a project with Emily V. Gordon and starring in the upcoming rom-com My Fake Boyfriend, among other Hollywood gigs. Yet, she’s still had plenty of time to cut loose, including for her birthday festivities. In fact, she’s kicked off her 31st exactly the way she wanted: with a funny photo with Wells Adams and his “junk,” as she put it. 

Of course an actress who starred on a sitcom for about a decade would be the type of leading lady who isn’t afraid of sharing goofy and sometimes funny or even embarrassing photos online. Enter her fiancé Wells Adams, who apparently wore some funny boxers she just had to get up close and personal with. Why not? It was her birthday after all. 

Sarah Hyland’s partner took her publicly posting the underwear photo in stride (pants-free is the way to go these days after all). It seems they were actually been at a wedding when this happened and that the underwear was a wedding party-oriented practical joke. He actually went on to comment underneath her post:

Reason 763 as why you shouldn’t invite us to a wedding….

Earlier in the night, Sarah Hyland had taken some other birthday photos with some pals at this wedding shindig that are a funny, but possibly a bit more wholesome than her rubbing up alongside her fiancé’s junk.

I’m honestly happy for the “fiancé” clarification, here. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have been together since 2017 and engaged since 2019. Obviously, the pandemic put a wrench in a lot of plans. While it seems like things are getting back to normal -- to the point where the couple attended a wedding on her birthday -- they haven’t officially said “I do” yet. 

Previously, Sarah Hyland said the two had had a date planned when Covid hit. Then they pushed back their wedding to 2021 and now have their sights set on 2022. She told E! earlier this month that they aren’t in a rush and have “got time,” before noting, 

So next year? I don't know. I have absolutely no idea anymore. I would like next year. I know I said last year if we're not getting married next year it's never going to happen, but now I'm saying that about next year.

It’s hard when you are a busy actress in a relationship with a popular radio personality and TV host. Time can pass quickly, but from the looks of things the two are still having a whole lot of fun, even if they haven’t officially said “I do” yet. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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