Zac Efron Celebrates 34th Birthday With Shirtless Beach Pic And Ageless Abs

Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman
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Entering your mid-30s tends to be a huge milestone for many people, and Zac Efron is no different. Efron has grown and changed a lot since his days of making the High School Musical film series. One thing that has noticeably changed is the actor’s physique. So naturally, with hitting such a milestone, the Hollywood star decided to celebrate his birthday by going shirtless and showing off his abs.

The Scoob! star took to his Instagram to celebrate his birthday. Zac Efron wanted to commemorate his mid-30s by showing off some skin and looking back at his life. Of course, Efron is celebrating his 34th birthday in Thailand as he shots the drama The Greatest Beer Run Ever with Oscar winner Russell Crowe. To see the High School Musical alum flaunt his abs while enjoying some sun and water, check out his celebratory post below:

If you had Zac Efron’s body, you would flaunt it too. But Efron seems to be more interested in acknowledging and praising those around him. He appears to be enjoying his time in Thailand while shooting a movie project he seems passionate about. The actor even called the cast and crew of The Greatest Beer Run Ever “talented and kind” on his special day. He referred to making the film as “a happier moment” in his life. At this point, everything in the Firestarter star’s life seems to be lining up for something major in his career.

While the actor shouted out those around him, Zac Efron didn’t forget some of the most important people in his life: his fans. He thanks them all for the online birthday shout-outs. Years after his breakthrough with High School Musical, Efron calls himself “lucky” for having such a devoted fanbase. It seems like the relationship between the Greatest Showman star and his followers is full of mutual love and respect. That’s why he gave his fans the gift of seeing his Adonis-like body.

Of course, flaunting his abs didn’t stop Zac Efron from laughing at himself. Efron called himself out for turning 34 while seemingly forgetting his birthday. Spending time with his dog seemed to be the best birthday gift. Seeing Efron’s chiseled body isn’t anything new for moviegoers with films like Baywatch and Neighbors. But, at least, the Extremely Wicked star got to enjoy time relaxing on his birthday.

Zac Efron got a moment to himself to just celebrate another year of life. He enjoyed a quiet and fun instance away from his time on the set. Efron has been busy with his film career while still working on his Netflix series Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Hopefully, all this goodwill will translate to his life and career as he gets deeper into his 30s.

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