Of Course, Bella Thorne Went Pants-Free For Part Of Her Birthday Photo Shoot

Bella Thorne wears the pants in her own career, but for at least part of her 24th birthday, she joined the long list of celebrities that have eschewed pants during the pandemic months. Like Halle Berry, Tom Holland, Jamie Lee Curtis, Alexandra Daddario and many, many more, Thorne spent part of the big 2-4 pantless, though it’s worth noting she also looked like a boss lady in several additional photos from the photo shoot. 

Taking to Instagram to celebrate her birthday, the actress, singer and businesswoman talked about how the last year was all about working her “ass off.” Honestly, it may have been a missed opportunity for a working her pants off joke, but her sentiment was genuine either way. You can see her official birthday post, below. 

Bella Thorne may have taken a break from work(wear) to celebrate her birthday with her fans, but she’s had a busy couple of years. In addition to acting in movies like Habit (opposite Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson) and Chick Fight, she also starred in the Paradise City TV series (which made headlines for an orgy). She also directed her own porn film, made a slew of money on OnlyFans, released quite a few songs for her fanbase, continued pushing out social media content, and finally, appeared on Fox’s hit series The Masked Singer

That’s all without even mentioning she’s started to take on executive producer roles, including with Habit, and kicked off her own management company working with influencers on various social media platforms called Content X. Clearly, she’s been busy. 

To note, as a celebrity, Bella Thorne was early to the hanging-out-pantless trend. Thorne often favors varying types of lingerie for her music videos and photoshoots and she comes off as pretty comfortable with her body, no matter what she is (or isn’t) wearing. In fact, in her most recent music video for the song “Phantom” she included a moment that offers commentary about the long-held societal idea of womens’ bottoms being too short, through a scene featuring her disregarding a measuring tape.

Bella Thorne is unhappy with rules about women's skirts in Phantom music video

(Image credit: Stem Distributions LLC)

During the pandemic, however, not wearing pants became a little bit of a trend, mostly because a lot of Zoom calls were made in which the bottom halves of celebrities could not be seen. Regardless, when it comes to Bella Thorne, whether it be lingerie or swimwear, that pants-free livin’ seems like it’s more of a lifestyle

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