Of Course, Sneak Peak Footage At Lacey Chabert's Upcoming Hallmark Christmas Movie Includes A Classic Mean Girls Reference

Lacey Chabert in the trailer for Christmas at Castle Hart
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We may still be the thick of the year's spookiest month, but a cheerier and brighter holiday season will be here before we know it, and that means plenty of new Christmas movies to look forward to on Hallmark Channel. A regular face on the network, Lacey Chabert has been hard at work on a festive new movie, which released some fun sneak peek footage that even included a Mean Girls reference. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that before Lacey Chabert became a Hallmark mainstay, she made her mark as Mean Girls' Gretchen Wieners, whose father invented toaster strudels. The movie is known for its many quotable lines and iconic moments, and in a TikTok from NBC News' Stay Tuned, some behind-the-scenes footage for the included a fun reference to the popular flick, with Chabert even taking part in it:


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Although the first quote was said by Amanda Seyfried, with the second one in reference to was said by Rachel McAdams, it is still an A+ callback. Though what would have made it even better was if it was posted directly on October 3, in reference to Aaron Samuels asking Cady what day it was. Still, though, any Mean Girls reference that features an appearance from one of its stars is definitely top-tier.

While not much has been shared about Chabert’s upcoming Christmas movie, from the looks of the TikTok, there is going to be a lot of snow and a lot of oversized holiday decorations. But it seems like she is having fun, despite missing her daughter’s first day of school. Maybe there will be even more Mean Girls references in the actual film?

The Mean Girls and Hallmark crossover makes me wonder if we will ever get a reunion of some sort in the stars' various projects. Lindsay Lohan has an upcoming Christmas movie on Netflix, and Jonathan Bennett is no stranger to Hallmark. To have them team up with Lacey Chabert and others for a festive movie would definitely be a dream. Fingers crossed it happens in the future!

Meanwhile, Lacey Chabert has been busy on the network since signing a new Hallmark deal earlier this year. She filmed in Hawaii over the summer for the movie Groundswell, and even before that premiered, Chabert was getting into the Christmas spirit by reuniting with some Hallmark pals and a North Shore classmate as she prepared to film her next holiday adventure. Although there won’t be as much familiar star presence on Hallmark this year, due to GAF snagging stars such as Candace Camerone Bure and more for its own holiday lineup, knowing that Chabert is staying with the channel (for now) will make things much more bearable. 

A premiere date has yet to be revealed for Lacey Chabert’s upcoming Christmas movie, but make sure to keep checking out the Hallmark 2022 movies schedule to see an updated list of new films coming to the network soon!

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