Lacey Chabert Missed Her Daughter’s First Day Of School To Film A Hallmark Christmas Movie, And Her Post Is So Relatable

Lacey Chabert in promo photo for Hallmark Christmas movie.
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Lacey Chabert often posts about her family, whether they are having an Elf on a Shelf adventure around the holidays or going on beautiful Hawaiian vacations. In a lot of these instances, the Hallmark star has shown herself to be relatable, but perhaps never more so than this week when she got candid about missing one of her daughter Julia’s “special days,” in this case her "very first" day of school. 

How A Hallmark Christmas Movie Led To A Relatable Mom Moment For Lacey Chabert

The Hallmark star announced in mid August that she was traveling to film her new Hallmark Christmas movie with a cute post that read: “6 suitcases, 5 carry-ons, 3 person family, 2 more carts of luggage not pictured can only mean one thing… 1 Christmas movie to make!” 

Lacey Chabert heading to film 2022 Hallmark holiday movie.

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She’s been working in the weeks since on her hotly anticipated Hallmark Christmas movie that was teased at Christmas Con earlier this year. Yet, as parents were dropping their kids off at the start of the school year this week, she revealed she’d missed the big moment for her daughter Julia, who was born in 2016 and is attending school this year. 

I think a lot of parents can relate to Chabert’s post about filming her latest Hallmark Christmas movie.  Most parents have missed a notable moment in their kids' lives for one reason or another, work included. The mom of one couldn’t make her kid’s first day of school and it was hard. She doesn’t even attempt to sugarcoat that.

Yet the team at Hallmark gets it. They are moms who are away from home and on sets too, constantly having to weigh and balance the pros of a wonderful career with the needs of their kids at home. They left the actress the sweetest of reminders.

Lacey, from a department of moms to a wonderful mom, you’ve got this! Stay strong, we love you.

In her longer Instagram post, Chabert also noted she does her best to “work [her] schedule around such special days,” but in this case it just wasn’t in the cards. We also know her daughter Julia’s birthday is at the start of September, and given she’s been planning the birthday celebration over the last couple of days, she may have wanted to finish out the film in order to be at home for that event. 

In fact, we know she “wrapped” the movie ahead of wrapping her daughter’s gifts.

Lacey Chabert wrapping on her christmas film in time for her kid's birthday.

(Image credit: Lacey Chabert, Instagram)

Lacey Chabert has always been a popular Hallmark figure, but she's had an upticked presence on the network ever since Candace Cameron Bure left for GAC Family and Chabert signed a new overall deal that gives her more creative control at Hallmark. It's a really busy time for the actress, particularly given she still has a little one at home. 

Whether or not you are a parent even, it's always difficult to balance myriad areas of ones life whether those relate to children, work, mental health, relationships--the list goes on and on. Regardless, it's nice to see Chabert has surrounded herself with a supportive tribe cheering her on, especially on the hard days. 

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