Rick And Morty Reveals Dr. Wong's Return And 3 More Highlights In New Trailer

Rick and Rick and Morty
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Rick and Morty has been on hiatus since early October, but a new episode will premiere on Adult Swim just ahead of Thanksgiving. A trailer has arrived that previews what’s ahead for the animated show, and fans can expect the return of Dr. Wong as well as other notable events that may answer some questions fans have about Season 6

Susan Sarandon’s Dr. Wong is back, and that’s not the only noteworthy bit of this latest Rick and Morty footage. Let’s dive into the significance of seeing Dr. Wong again, as well as what some of the other random scenes could mean for the upcoming episodes.

Dr. Wong on Rick and Morty on Adult Swim

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Dr. Wong Is Back 

Dr. Wong is back, and typically, when Rick and Morty brings back minor characters, it’s for a reason. We’ve seen that with Space Beth and her growing connection with the Smith family, so I have high hopes for Dr. Wong’s return. Dr. Wong seems to be an intellectual match for Rick at least in terms of being able to see through his motives, so I would expect her episode to feature another look into Rick’s mind and maybe even some growth on his end.

Rick with some green person on Rick and Morty on Adult Swim

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Rick Has A Potentially Dead Green Guy With Him

Rick’s scene with Dr. Wong also featured a never-before-seen character who we likely won’t hear much from. Rick was a bit sketchy on whether or not the character was actually alive, but it was clear he was attempting to keep it alive. Who is this person, and why is Rick sitting in a therapy session with them?

Rick and Morty near explosive barrels on Rick and Morty on Adult Swim

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More Vindicators? 

While I don’t want to jump to conclusions, it seems like Rick and Morty is diving into The Vindicators again based on the people in superhero suits seen briefly in a scene. It’s possible Rick teamed up with a new group of heroes, though these guys might be more of a B-Team lineup based on what little we see. Hopefully, these Vindicators aren’t as messed up as the previous bunch, but given that everyone in this show is a bit whacky, it wouldn’t be surprising. 

King fighting Morty on Rick and Morty on Adult Swim

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Is Morty Living A House Of The Dragon Fantasy?

Morty is seen fighting a king in the trailer, and it’s giving off a very House of the Dragon vibe. Given the fact that Rick and Morty and the HBO series are from the same parent company, I could definitely see an episode being centered around Morty being obsessed with a medieval Game of Thrones fantasy. Either that or the fight is some one-off meaningless sequence that won’t be indicative of the theme of an actual episode. Either way, I’m eager to see how this fight plays out, and if Morty’s unique-looking sword will come equipped with some surprises the king isn’t expecting. 

For those who still haven’t seen Rick and Morty’s Season 6 return trailer, it’s short but worth a watch. Check it out below, and get hyped that the wait isn’t going to be much longer:

As usual, it seems like for all that was shown, Rick and Morty is still hiding some secrets. We’ll know for sure here in a short time, and maybe even get some answers about that wild Rick reveal as Season 6 gets back to its roots of serialized storylines.

Rick and Morty returns with new Season 6 episodes on Adult Swim on Sunday, November 20. Season 6 might be the best season of the series to date, so catch up now with an HBO Max subscription, and gear up for another batch of exciting episodes.

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