Riverdale’s Camila Mendes Just Went Pants-Free, And She Did It While Walking Around On The Street

While going pants-free was notably a pandemic trend favored by celebrities like Alexandra Daddario, who lived the pantless lifestyle, and Tom Holland, who decided against pants for at least one Cherry interview, some bold celebrities are still trying out the look. That includes Riverdale star Camila Mendes, who certainly made a statement by walking around on the streets of New York in a pants-free outfit. 

The actress headed to Coach’s New York Fashion Week show and totally opted to wear lingeries. Photographers caught her out on the street in the outfit, which included a pair of high-waisted underwear and a black bra. She paired the look with a Coach leather jacket, Coach logo loafers and a Coach handbag, of course. 

Camila Mendes rocking Coach in New York City, February 2023.

(Image credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor)

It’s also worth noting that it's actually been warmer than usual in New York this week when the actress chose to rock the outfit. I know she had a coat, but I'm still not sure forties and fifties weather is really warm enough to justify the choice, though it is striking and Mendes did mention it was "sunny' when she chose it.

Camila Mendes in pants-free look at New York Fashion Week.

(Image credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Contributor)

Camila Mendes has been noted for her fashion in projects like Do Revenge and more in the past, and now she's seemingly making bolder moves in public. While the pantless style has fallen out a bit since the pandemic, when Megan Fox went pants-free on a red carpet  with Machine Gun Kelly (before her cryptic cheating post and alleged break-up) and others favored the style, it certainly is still attention-catching. Perhaps it's on the way to becoming a trend again. 

Still, unless you live someplace warmer than New York, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying to emulate this outfit right now, in February. However, if you do enjoy the look you could always take inspiration from her shoes, which all-weather appropriate and can be purchased in multiple colors and silhouettes at retailers like Nordstrom (opens in new tab) and Coach (opens in new tab) itself.

Meanwhile, Mendes told Harper's Bazaar in an interview from the event that she was originally planning the look with a pair of shorts, but the pants-free version really appealed to her. She said: 

I love picking one oversized thing and then balancing it out. We were going to wear shorts underneath this, but then I saw this little high-waisted underwear and thought, 'Maybe I'll just do that.'

At the end of the day, she certainly landed plenty of attention while out modeling the look on the streets of New York and later during the actual Coach event, which other celebs, like Zooey Deutch and Lil Nas X attended. As she put it in the same interview, she felt like the whole ensemble was "a move." More like a checkmate. 

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