Pants-Free Megan Fox Rocks Just A Blazer While Walking The Red Carpet With Machine Gun Kelly

Pants-free has seemingly been the way to be since at least 2020. While the pantless route seemed like a great idea when actors like Tom Holland conducted interviews from the waist up, going out in public in just a top is seemingly a whole lot more daring. Enter Megan Fox, who daringly walked the red carpet in just a long a blazer with her beau and "feverish obsession" Machine Gun Kelly on her arm the other night. 

I suppose it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Megan Fox dared to go pantless for an event where she was heavily photographed from all angles. This is, after all, the actress who taught us underboob is the new sideboob earlier this year. It helps that blazer looks like this are in, but this is still a daring take on the look. 

When the pics were snapped, Fox was attending the launch event for Machine Gun Kelly’s new line of nail polish LAQR in West Hollywood, California. While the polish also made an appearance, I’m willing to bet people were more interested in the overall matching aesthetic here. Though MGK did not opt to go pants-free... 

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox on the red carpet for his nail line

(Image credit: Getty Images (Jerritt Clark) )

Megan Fox also shared her look on Instagram, which she amusingly captioned "hot topic couture." In the case of those photos, the lighting kind of makes it seem as if she might have shorts on. Yet, on the red carpet, the daring blazer-only look is much clearer. But for some more angles, take a look at her social post: 

Pants-free has kind of been on trend since at least the middle part of 2020. This first started happening as celebs took breaks from acting gigs, lounged around at home, and forgot what attire like high heels and even jeans really felt like. (I mean why rock 'em when you can wear matching family pajamas?)  Sweatpants and t-shirts or even bikini days were, in fact, the norm for quite some time. 

When I say this is on trend, I do mean it was relatively widespread. Alexandra Daddario joked about why jeans were even necessary as the world opened back up. Halle Berry lived that pants-free lifestyle on a quite a few occasions. Even Bella Thorne got into the fun. While celebrities are getting out and dressing up much more this days, in this case Megan Fox definitely gave the trend new life on the red carpet. It's a bold choice, but it certainly got my attention. 

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