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Snoop Dogg Shares Thoughts On Cancel Culture And What He Thinks Would Happen If Someone Tried To 'Cancel' Him

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The cancel culture debate continues! The phrase itself, in plain terms, refers to when a controversial figure faces a public reckoning for their perceived controversial opinions or deeds. But there have been arguments made as to whether or not cancel culture should exist at all and if it even truly cancels people as much as we think. The latest celebrity to share some thoughts on the ongoing debate is none other than Snoop Dogg, who has some ideas as to what would happen if someone tried to cancel him (and his Mandalorian-inspired music videos).

It's not expected (as of right now) that the public will cancel the likes of Snoop Doggy Dogg. The Voice mentor has been beloved by Americans for decades, does significant charitable work, and mostly sticks to his niche of smoking (on average) 80 blunts each day. But as society has come to learn, hefty controversy warranting a “cancellation” can come at the most unlikely source. When asked about cancel culture on Behind The Vest with Druski’s clubhouse, the "Drop It Like It’s Hot" rapper firmly stated:

I wish a motherfucka would try to cancel me. … [Cancel culture] only believable if you believe it when they trying to cancel you. … You see Da Baby, you see Dave Chappelle, you see certain motherfuckas, like, ‘If you don’t get out of here with that shit.’ Give me a week, I’ll be back up. You got to know that your base is your base. The cancel community is not bigger than my fanbase. I beg to differ.

A double Dogg dare, you say? Well, some folks who have been cancelled do indeed still endure in their profession or in popularity, regardless of what the culture says. Yet, it’s not clear if DaBaby and Dave Chappelle are the best examples of enduring their controversies. The former has been pulled from countless performances in the wake of his homophobic comments last summer, with no signs of any improvement on that front. Although, attempts did fail to remove Chappelle’s most recent Netflix special, The Closer, from the streaming platform after backlash over its apparent transgender jokes.

However, with regards to Snoop Dogg's impression that anyone could easily recover from getting cancelled, he might want to look into other cases. Longtime host of Bachelor Nation Chris Harrison found himself booted from his 20-year position for a mishandling of a race conversation on-air (although he did reportedly get a fat paycheck out of it). Likewise, Bill Cosby has and continues to face public wrath after rape allegations and the 2018 conviction for assault that was overturned, including: The Cosby Show getting pulled from syndication, several prestigious awards being rescinded. He's also the focus of W. Kamau Bell’s documentary, We Need to Talk About Bill Cosby, which explores the comedian’s rise and downfall.

Maybe Snoop Dogg's own provocation about cancel culture will in fact be tested as a direct result of it? Will fans still be ride-or-dies, even if he does or says something even more controversial? For still being friends with Kevin Hart? Hopefullym it never comes down to it with the Soul Plane actor, because it would be a shame to lose his frequent portrayals of himself onscreen, too.

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