Story Prince Harry Wrote About Losing His Virginity And Getting His Bottom Smacked 'Like A Young Stallion' Allegedly Confirmed, But Not So Fast?

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Prince Harry made quite a few wild revelations in his new tell-all memoir Spare in regards to the Royal Family. But he didn’t seem afraid to put the focus on himself, sharing some personal stories from his life, including several mentions of his private parts. One of the most intimate recollections was of how he lost his virginity to an “older woman” in a field, and now that woman has apparently come forward to confirm the story. Also speaking out, however, is British actor Rupert Everett, who claims to know that the Duke of Sussex was less than honest about that being his first time. 

Sasha Walpole Shares Her Side Of Prince Harry’s Bottom-Smacking Story 

In Spare, Prince Harry recalls losing his virginity when he was 17 to an “older woman” in a grassy field behind a pub. Sasha Walpole has come forward as the mystery lover, confirming the tryst with the prince, who she said was a good friend. Walpole, 40, was apparently about to turn 19 at the time, and she told the Daily Mail she didn’t take offense to Harry calling it an “inglorious episode,” saying: 

I don’t mind Harry writing that it was inglorious in his book. It wasn’t that glorious. We were drunk and having sex in a field. It’s never going to be glorious. I didn’t know Harry was a virgin at the time. It wasn’t until probably the next morning when I actually thought about it. It was a bit, ‘Oh no,’ not because of him being a prince. It was just the fact that I slept with one of my friends and it was Harry. Then it kind of dawned on me that perhaps he was [a virgin], because obviously he’d never really had a girlfriend, I suppose, that I knew of. You know, it was just a quickie in the field.

As for Prince Harry’s assertion that she “treated me not unlike a young stallion,” and that after the “quick ride,” she “smacked my rump and sent me to graze,” Sasha Walpole confirmed that, too, recalling: 

Harry wrote in his book that I gave him a slap on the bum. I gave him a little squeeze as well. It was a bit of fun. He had a peachy bum, he was young.

You can see what else she had to say about the decades-old encounter below: 

Rupert Everett Disputes Spare’s Claims About Prince Harry’s First Time 

While the events of the “quickie in the field” seem to be confirmed by both parties, actor Rupert Everett spoke out to dispute the claim made in Spare that this was how the Duke of Sussex lost his virginity. The My Best Friend’s Wedding scene-stealer told the Telegraph that he had the tea, teasing: 

By the way, I know who the woman he lost his virginity to is. And it wasn’t behind a pub. And it wasn’t in this country.

An interesting claim from the famed actor, who didn’t elaborate other than to say he knew the woman. Rupert Everett rightly refused to reveal her identity, saying he’s “just putting it out there that I know.”

After reading Spare and all of the reactions that have come out of the best-selling tell-all, I think we can all claim to know a little more about Prince Harry and his “todger.” In addition to how he (supposedly?) lost his virginity, Harry also spoke about rumors regarding him being circumcised and the time he used Elizabeth Arden cream on his frostbitten penis.

Spare is available for purchase now in several formats and in a number of languages — bearing some titles that are straight-up brutal in their translations — and you can also see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in their docuseries Harry & Meghan, which can be streamed with a Netflix subscription

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